Picture of the Day for May 28, 2015: Regarding Senator Joe Barton of Texas, Climate Change, and the “Great Flood”

Posted by Elaine Magliaro



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8 Responses to Picture of the Day for May 28, 2015: Regarding Senator Joe Barton of Texas, Climate Change, and the “Great Flood”

  1. Unicorns protect virgins. – Science fact!
    Disease is caused by demonic possession. – Science fact!
    Copernicus was (and I quote) a “dooty-head” and the Earth is the center of the Universe. – Science fact!

    Also, I heard that the reason no one is allowed to smell the bottoms of Neil Armstrong’s space boots is that they’re covered in almost 50 year-old stinky blue cheese.

    True story.

  2. pete says:

    cnn – lewis black: “global warming is real” – left vs right and the green agenda

  3. Mike Spindell says:

    If one believes that Senator Barton actually believes what he says, then one would probably be in the market for a Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Yet those limited voters who put him into office eat this stuff up. For some fantasy is much better than reality, especially when contemplating eternity.

  4. pete says:

    Too bad Moses wasn’t around in the 1600’s, he could’ve parted the Atlantic and saved the pilgrims that scary boat ride.

  5. LOL

    Once again, pete wins the Internet.

  6. bron98 says:

    finally, the right has mounted a rebuttal to climate change that is of the same intellectual caliber as those who believe in man made warming.

  7. I’m pretty sure that an understanding of carbon chemistry trumps stone age fairy tales on the reasoning and evidence scales. You know, with it being science and all that.

  8. bettykath says:

    I’m going to watch another episode of Cosmos. Great cure for the depression I get when presented with such stupidity as presented by some members of Congress.

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