Jesse LaGreca corrects a GOP logical error.

by Chuck Stanley

Jesse LaGreca, journalist, who also blogs under the nom de plume MinistryOfTruth, nails exactly where the GOP went off the rails with the logical fail of the week.

About Chuck Stanley

Dr. Charlton (Chuck) Stanley is a board certified forensic psychologist, with interests in aviation psychology, peace officer selection and training, ethics and communication skills.
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8 Responses to Jesse LaGreca corrects a GOP logical error.

  1. bettykath says:


  2. Aridog says:

    BS. How many children has the NRA killed? And I do mean directly.

  3. Aridog,
    Your question is a strawman fallacy. It makes no more sense than asking how many people Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris or Curtis LeMay killed directly. The big question is how many deaths can be attributed to their actions, either politically or financially.

    I had a life membership in the NRA until the crazies changed it into something I no longer recognized. Then I bailed and never looked back.

  4. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … I get it about how the NRA has changed, (and I agree it has gone off the rails on some, but not all subjects…especially on some of the types of weapons advocated) since I’ve been a member dating back to the Junior NRA days in 1949 in my case. Comparing the NRA, even today’s version, to Planned Parenthood is the straw man fallacy…put forth by Jesse LaGreca’s remark. I’d await the facts on the NRA regularly killing children on that one. I doubt it can be substantiated, but I’d listen.

  5. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … it occurs to me that what you may mean is the proliferation of guns due to NRA lobbying efforts and practices. Was that your intent?

    My experience has been mostly with the target shooting types and their safety emphasis. As I said above, I’m not pleased by some of the weapons they seem to espouse….which have nothing to do with target shooting, normal hunting, or intelligent self defense…especially the small hand held near machine guns or pistols with magazines over 15+…when all I use are magazines of 10 or less. That said, I appreciate their lobbying efforts to protect target shooters from absurd regulation by such ideas as baning semi-auto shotguns and rifles, which if enacted would virtually cease most skeet shooting and much of rifle target shooting, where classes of events use semi-auto rifles like the M-14 and its modern updates like the M1A….not to mention the pistol target events that use Model 1911’s or other semi-autos for timed fire events and speed events. I usually shoot timed fire in my practice target shooting and use a Model 1911 by Kimber’s custom shop and an FNX-45 by FNH (due to its de-cocker feature and disengagement of trigger from sear when on “safe” as well…rendering the FNX equivalent to the DA revolver. My age induced mild unsteadiness no longer makes “registered” shooting practical at the official NRA 25 yard ranges, where I have too many fliers outside the 7 or 9 ring, but still on target generally…and few X’s. At my Tueller Drill distances (21 feet nominal and 30 feet practical) I can still keep all shots inside the 7 ring with my pistols. I have a CPL and carry frequently, but is a last resort item, almost to the point of being unaware of the presence of the holstered pistol on my hip…it is literally my last resort and to date, since leaving uniformed service, I’ve not had occasion to draw or fire my sidearm. Being situationally aware is my first option for self defense…e.g., avoid conflict whenever possible, even when (lately too often) I’ve walked into confrontations unaware up front..e.g., inside small stores where things got ugly and appeared to be diversions prior to a second party trying a robbery which I could not foresee as armed or unarmed. Calm talk settled those instances but wasn’t guaranteed when I found myself in the middle of them. That said I’m probably the greatest critic of those who handle firearms of any kind anywhere carelessly (including not securing them)…especially on a range. In short, I take the good of the NRA and ignore the silly.

  6. Ari,
    Yes on the NRA. Jesse was speaking metaphorically, referencing the end outcome of NRA intransigence on sensible legislation. Especially with regard to sales, distribution and storage of weapons.

  7. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … I agree with sensible legislation such as that in effect in Michigan for handguns. You must apply either for a “permit to purchase” and go through a back ground check, or if you have a CPL already, you still must be vetted by the FBI directly from the store before you can carry the new gun away with you. In my case, due to my extremely common name, that FBI vetting takes a week usually….understandable as out of the 8000 odd guys with my name nationwide chances are one or more may be ax murders or other felons. I am aware that the FBI offers a unique identity number to by-pass the name confusion, but I’ve never found a week’s wait to be a problem, so I’ve never applied for that number.

    As for “distribution and storage” federal requirements I am leery of them because of the camel nose in tent flap concept…it could easily be abused by an autocrat via “rule making” once on the books. That said I do advocate safe storage…but don’t want some bureaucrat telling me, with a lifetime of safe experience, how to do so. Now “distribution”: I do NOT advocate un-vetted sales by straw man purchase, auction or gun show, which covers the distribution aversions I have…and technically they are already illegal, at least here. Legally in Michigan to even sell, or gift, a handgun to a friend or relative under any venue, the friend or relative must first acquire a permit to purchase in their own name or have a CPL in good standing….then you must complete the requisite paperwork and notify the state police through the local police offices. If there were an easily available FBI contact for inter-personal sales I’d have no objection to that.

    On a personal note…I am not a fan of the various military weapon quasi-clones and other oddball concoctions that are available with the exception of the semi-auto versions of actual military weapons that are virtually the same as the weapon they mirror but lack the full auto feature. Really good ones of the latter nature are usually near $3000+ so I skip them myself. When in uniform I have fired full auto versions of the M-14 and it is unmanageable due to the short stock and requisite thumb “spot weld” position for aiming…it will pound your cheek bone to smithereens and the aim point cannot be maintained.

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