The View vs. Nurses Everywhere.

by Chuck Stanley

My older son wrote to tell me he broke the internet today.

No, I’m not kidding.

The View, an ABC daytime talk show, is taking serious heat over comments their hosts made last Monday. Our readers may recall the Miss America pageant, during which Miss Colorado eschewed her piano playing talents for something quite different.

For the talent portion of the competition, Kelley Johnson, RN, strode onto center stage at the pageant, wearing her work scrubs and a stethoscope draped around her neck. Her presentation was to give a monologue about what it was to be a nurse, and to care for patients with dementia.

Nursing, not playing the piano, is her real talent.

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, on The View, made fun of Ms. Johnson for wearing a “nurse costume” and a “doctor’s stethoscope.”

Bad move, Joy and Michelle.

I just got an email from my son, who wrote:

“Seriously, I don’t know if y’all have been following any of the shitstorm that the hosts of The View stirred up when they made fun of one of the Miss America contestants (who was an RN) about her ‘nurse costume’ and her ‘doctor stethoscope,’ but there are now roughly 3 million seriously pissed off RN’s out there.

Social media exploded, and a bunch of corporations cancelled their sponsorship of the show, including Johnson&Johnson, McNeil, Eggland, and a bunch of others. The network and The View are doing serious grovelling.

Well, I posted a little something on Facebook supporting nurses, and about an hour later, my son texted me: “Dad. you have gone viral.”

My post has been shared over 21.000 times, as of about an hour ago.

Someone told me that my post has been printed off and put up in nurses break rooms all over the country.

I’m getting emails from RNs asking if our hospital is hiring.

A nurse from New York said that I am now, “Nurse’s most loved doctor in America.”

This is crazy.

This is what he posted to Facebook:

Dr. Mark Stanley

Dr. Mark Stanley

“As an ER physician, and the Medical Director of an Emergency Department, I just wanted to give a shout out and show some support for the nursing profession, and the men and women whose immense TALENT is providing care to millions of sick and injured patients all over the world.

At any given time, I may be caring for 9 or 10 different patients in our ED, or maybe more, and without my caring, considerate, skilled, and highly professional nursing staff, I simply could not do my job.

Part of my duties also consist of teaching medical students, and one of the things that I try to impart to them is that nurses are not your minions, they are your colleagues. When they become residents, and later, full-fledged physicians, they will be surrounded by nurses who have many, many more years of experience than they do. I advise them that if they have good sense, they will allow those nurses to help them learn and grow as good doctors. We cannot be everywhere at once. Inherently, we spend FAR less time with each patient than our nursing staff does.

A smart doctor listens to his nurses, and utilizes them as extensions of his own diagnostic ability. A poor physician thinks he knows everything.

FYI: my grandmother was an RN, my mother was an RN, and I am very blessed to be married to a beautiful, sweet, TALENTED RN.

The many stethoscopes you see hanging off of me in this picture belong to my nursing staff, except for one.

Perhaps the ladies from The View would be able to tell me which of them is my ‘doctor’s stethoscope’, but they all look the pretty much the same to me.

Well, you know, except for the purple one…”

About Chuck Stanley

Dr. Charlton (Chuck) Stanley is a board certified forensic psychologist, with interests in aviation psychology, peace officer selection and training, ethics and communication skills.
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16 Responses to The View vs. Nurses Everywhere.

  1. Bob Stone says:


    That was simply outstanding.
    So how did your son acquire such wisdom?
    Was it nature or nurture?
    Perhaps it’s a Tennessee thing?
    Either way; Bravo!

  2. bigfatmike says:

    Looks like you has some mentoring from some outstanding nurses and it looks like it ‘took’. Good job!

  3. Thanks guys. It was his mom:

    And his grandmother:

  4. po says:

    Chuck, what Bob said!

  5. He reminded me that talk show hosts need to remember one important fact.

    When they get sick and are admitted to the hospital, it is the nurse on duty who gets to decide what size catheter to use on you.

    Not to mention what gauge needle to stick you with.

  6. Aridog says:

    Great post Chuck Stanley, no doubt about it. I have special fondness for “nurses” and Country Joe McDonald has written and sung a great memorial to nurses in his “The Girl Next Door…” that resonated and still does with me. I was cared for in an Evac Hospital by just those women, and a couple of men who choose to be nurses. I had doctors for a few minutes here and there for consultation and surgery, but I had those wonderful nurses for 10 days in patient and another 6 weeks out patient. I returned to my unit thanks to them. They kept me sane. Anyone who denigrates an RN is an idiot. Perhaps they need to be under stress severely wounded, lying on a gurney, and relying on those same people to keep them alive and/or sane. The doctors (you want a good emergency doctor, try one of them who has been in an Evac hospital) repaired my skull, put my eye back in place, repaired my skull bones, cheek, nose and jaw bones, but it was the nurses who got me through it all. God bless them all, each and every one of them.

    PS: Country Joe was anti-war but a man very fond of the veterans of wars, and I met him several times when he visited a vet’s saloon I frequented and performed for free. He was not one of those who denigrated vets…or nurses….he celebrated them.

  7. Aridog,
    My wife, Letha, corresponded with Country Joe about his high regard and celebration of nurses.

    Brandi, the Celtic Lassie, also wrote to him for information when she was doing a term paper. The subject of her paper was Florence Nightingale and PTSD in nurses. Especially combat nurses. She referenced information from his web page on Florence Nightingale as primary source material for her paper. Some interesting reading at the link below.

    Did you know Country Joe was a US Navy vet? He joined the Navy when he was only 17. He was an air traffic controller while in the Navy.

  8. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … I thought he was a vet, from the several meet ups with him, but I cared most about his honest appraisal of conditions of those days and times. He usually spoke at length and with clarity. And that he did NOT denigrate veterans. Likely because he was one of us? He was/is a guy who all of us could share a beer with any day. He did just that on several occasions. And that made a difference. Have you ever heard his “Tricky Dick” ?

    Those were confusing days, as I am sure you know. A guy who testify for both sides was rare.

  9. Aridog says:

    I favor our now common concept of a volunteer Army, because there is no one who enlists who doesn’t want to be there. Ideally. I have no use for those who do so and then have this childish attack of conscience….you can leave, dude, and you should. Go home dude, you can’t cut it. Being a Soldier or Marine doesn’t mean you want to kill people, it means you prefer a strong presence so you do not have to do so. No one hates war more than a Soldier or Marine, and no one who is more prone to be affectionate with children than a Soldier or Marine. There really is a message in that. Believe it or not. If you don’t you’ve not been there.

  10. Aridog says:

    I must repeat…no one is more valuable to a wounded man or woman in battle than the nurse who attends him or her. Period. Why does it seem you have to have been there, done that, to understand? Shouldn’t be that hard. The idiots on “The View” have no idea. One day, if things go wrong for them, they just might.

  11. When we had the service for my ggg-grandfather at the National Cemetery, I wanted a tune piped for him that he would have known. The piper suggested “The Minstrel Boy.” It is an old Irish lament for those killed during the Irish Rebellion of 1798. The melody is a tune dating back much farther than that, called “The Moreen.” It is likely the Overmountain Men whistled or played it on the fife or bagpipes as they marched to King’s Mountain. Hans Zimmer used it on the soundtrack of “Blackhawk Down.”

    This version was created by an Army nurse as a class project for a graduate course in palliative care.

  12. Aridog says:

    Chuck Stanley … the man you describe corresponding with your wife and daughter is the man I remember. Straightforward and honest, with no hesitance in engaging others in a positive way. The tune you used at your ancestor’s memorial service was probably familiar to my great grandfather, Fredrick Maxwell, mustered out captain with service as a lieutenant in the 15th NY Cavalry Regiment in the Civil War. His saber, engraved with his name & rank, and Spencer carbine hang over this desk as I type. His antecedent from the best I can garner from genealogies was Lt Col Hugh Maxwell of the Revolutionary War. They all became my antecedents when my grand father (Thompson) married Kathleen (Maxwell). Oddly my surname (Thompson) is also frequently cited in Hugh Maxwell’s history. Small world. A likely long history that brought me to today…and no doubt influenced my enlistment in 1968 against all of my associates’ advice. Beyond that, I’d given my word I’d enlist to my draft board if they allowed me to graduate college…they did, and I did. Do not regret it, but I do have some survivor guilt because war is a very ugly place. You never know what preserved you, but you’d best not forget to be humbly grateful for that dispensation. I am.

  13. Aridog says:

    A favorite of mine is this version of “Scotland the Brave”

  14. Aridog says:

    Another John McDermott favorite of mine: Battle Hymn of the Republic . He infuses emotion in to his songs.

  15. Aridog says:

    When I said “grandfather (Thompson)” I meant “grandfather (Pike)” … my grandfather (Thompson) married Kathleen, daughter of Pike/Maxwell and here I am. Sorry for the mess up đŸ™‚

  16. Just got off the phone with him. As of this writing, his Facebook post has 81,448 “likes.” Also has drawn 2,375 comments. Most of the comments were on the way high side of positive. There were a few soreheads who objected to his use of “my nursing staff” as sexist and demeaning. There are some folks who would find fault with St. Francis of Assisi if he gave them all a kitten or puppy.

    He said one of the nurse managers replied, “Well, he is OUR doctor.”

    As for sexist, they may forget that a lot of nurses are male. Now, forgetting or ignoring that fact is sexist.

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