Morning Open Thread – Mississippi Pot Roast; the recipe that ate the internet.

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The Mississippi Pot Roast has been called the dish that ate the internet.  It is probably the easiest pot roast recipe I have ever seen.  I was told the New York Times food editors turned up their noses at the notion of using pre-packaged seasonings, so with much effort and fanfare, made their own. Taste testing could not tell the difference.

Follow me below the fold for the Secret Ingredients and Method.

The ingredients could not be easier:

3-4 pound chuck roast

1 package au jus mix

1 package ranch dressing mix

1 stick butter (real butter, not margarine)

4-5 pepperoncini peppers

Fresh ground pepper & seasoned salt to taste

Here is how it goes together:

  1. Spray slow cooker with nonstick spray.
  2. Put roast in the bottom of the slow cooker (i.e., Crock Pot)
  3. Sprinkle with a little black pepper and a little seasoned salt.
  4. Sprinkle the top with the ranch dressing mix and the au jus mix.
  5. Put pepperoncini peppers on top of mix powders.
  6. Add stick of butter on top.
  7. Set the slow cooker to 8 hours.
  8. You do not add any additional water to this.
  9. Play a round of golf, or go fishing. Have a nice day. Listen to music, preferably Mississippi style blues.
  10. Come home and take lid off cooker.
  11. Serve with favorite veggies.
  12. Eat

Here is a visual aid:

Some music appropriate for preparing the Mississippi Pot Roast:


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About Chuck Stanley

Dr. Charlton (Chuck) Stanley is a board certified forensic psychologist, with interests in aviation psychology, peace officer selection and training, ethics and communication skills.
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29 Responses to Morning Open Thread – Mississippi Pot Roast; the recipe that ate the internet.

  1. Morning, Chuck. I see I need to do some cooking. 🙂

  2. Burns Lass informed me last night that we were going to make the pot roast this week. That is more than we could possibly eat at one time, so we’ll divide it up into individual portions. Store individual meal size portions in freezer baggies and freeze.

  3. rafflaw says:


  4. Get a container of slaw, a package of rolls, and experiment with your hot sauces. I bet you could eat the whole thing before getting around to freezing it. 😉

    Aside from the pets, I’m the only one in the house who eats meat, and I do not cook for them. I also freeze meal-size portions when I batch cook, using plastic-lidded pyrex dishes, which can go right into the microwave (make sure you lift the lid!).

  5. Raff,
    JoF already knows how to find my house. I can give you the GPS coordinates. It has become a way station for bloggers already. Anytime you want to get away for a weekend, let me know!

  6. Raff, request an apple pie. Trust me on this.

  7. “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, first you must invent the universe.” – Carl Sagan

    But no pressure.

  8. We found a really nice 3# chuck roast yesterday afternoon. It is beautifully marbled, so will make lots of juice. I have a nice Shiraz from southeast Australia to go with it.

  9. Enjoy! You now have me planning to get a roast — likely much smaller tho.

  10. bron98 says:

    No wonder Southerners and are overweight

  11. Tsk, bron. Insulting folks is generally not the way to get them to be willing to share their pie.

  12. pete says:

    bron’s objectivist, he doesn’t share pie.

  13. bron98 says:

    pete says:bron’s objectivist, he doesn’t share pie.
    April 28, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    bron98 says:

    A beautiful statement of the metaphysical fact of individualism was provided by former slave Frederick Douglass in a letter he wrote to his ex-“master” Thomas Auld after escaping bondage in Maryland and fleeing to New York. “I have often thought I should like to explain to you the grounds upon which I have justified myself in running away from you,” wrote Douglass. “I am almost ashamed to do so now, for by this time you may have discovered them yourself. I will, however, glance at them.” You see, said Douglass,

    I am myself; you are yourself; we are two distinct persons, equal persons. What you are, I am. You are a man, and so am I. God created both, and made us separate beings. I am not by nature bound to you, or you to me. Nature does not make your existence depend upon me, or mine to depend upon yours. I cannot walk upon your legs, or you upon mine. I cannot breathe for you, or you for me; I must breathe for myself, and you for yourself. We are distinct persons, and are each equally provided with faculties necessary to our individual existence. In leaving you, I took nothing but what belonged to me, and in no way lessened your means for obtaining an honest living. Your faculties remained yours, and mine became useful to their rightful owner.

  14. “I am not by nature bound to you, or you to me. Nature does not make your existence depend upon me, or mine to depend upon yours.”

    And therein rests the crippling fatal flaw of Objectivism.

    Everything in nature depends on everything else. It’s all interconnected from the subtly perfect tuning of atomic forces to the error ridden machinery of organic chemistry to Golden Ratio that permeates the marco-scale universe.

    It is only the peculiar delusion of ego that creates the illusion of separateness from nature.

    Do you make your own clothes?
    Weave the cloth from which they are made?
    Grow your own food?
    Build your own shelter?
    Manufacture your own oxygen?
    Generate enough heat and light to power a biome?


    You do not.

    You are dependent upon others and natural processes to accomplish all of these necessities of life.

    This is a scientifically provable proposition.
    It does not require belief in any imaginary construct let alone the concept of discrete self/personality/ego.
    It simply is in its complexity all interrelated.

    “When you are looking out of your eyes at nature happening out there, you’re looking at you. That’s the real you; the you that goes on of itself.” – Alan Watts

    If you cannot see that, there is error in your perception.
    If you see that and deny it, that is self-deluding behavior in the service of ego.
    You are not special.
    I am not special.
    No one is special.
    Different? Certainly. Unique? Hardly. Special? Not in the slightest.

    If you make the world better for others, you make the world better for yourself because you are part of the world.

    And now ends your moment of zen.

    Or does it?

  15. bron,
    By your Randian objectivist “logic” the slaves should have taken personal responsibility and freed themselves They should have resisted depending on thousands of people they didn’t even know sacrificing their own bodies and lives in order to free them.

    You take Douglass out of context and create context where none existed.

  16. bron98 says:

    If you think that Frederick Douglas was talking about division of labor you are in error.

    I think I will take the word of a former slave over a Jack Kerouac style philosopher.

  17. bron98 says:

    “You take Douglass out of context and create context where none existed.”

    That’s what I would say if I were on the wrong side of the argument and confronted with this quote by a former slave. It most assuredly is in context, because Frederick Douglass was made to share his pie with his masters.

    I’m not sure how you get the rest of what you said out of what I said but I suppose when confronted with unassailable truth a leftist always comes up with some idiotic, tangential non sequitur.

    It is most tiring.

  18. bron98 says:

    You’re in the unfortunate position of supporting slavery by your responses to Frederick Douglass’s beautiful statement.

    But that is what I would expect from leftists, they are all latent slave-owners willing and ready to shackle individuals.

  19. Really now, B. Do you honestly believe that? Or are you simply trying to get a reaction?

    You’ve known both Chuck and I long enough to know that the assertion that either one of us would endorse slavery is patently ridiculous.

    However, we’ve also known you long enough to know that overreaching to strike a chord whilst taking something out of context is simply a comfortable place for you in arguments you know a priori you have little chance (I’m being generous) of winning.

    Douglass’ words are as ashen from your mouth as when you’ve tried to use Jefferson to bolster the Objectivist cause. That you fail time and again to see that Objectivism lacks critical context is no surprise. The individual without the context of society is simply barely more than a really smart semi-aquatic monkey. It is only an illusion that there are great people who stand alone. Every great person in human history is standing upon the shoulders of others. Without exception.

    Even individual freedoms exist in the context of others.

    But you keep believing the Randian myth.
    You have too much invested in its intrinsically immoral position at this point to change easily or well at this point.
    And without approval or condemnation, I do understand the psychology of your resistance.

    It’s a damn shame you don’t.

  20. bron98 says:

    There you go again with the non-sequiturs and red herrings.
    As I said above it is most tiring.
    If you believe in taking money from one person to give to another, you definitely believe in slavery.
    The only difference is in the degree. But personally I would say an individual who gives up to 50% or more of his income is truly a slave. I would say an appropriate amount to live in society would be somewhere between 10% and 25%.

    I didn’t start this, I was told I didn’t share my pie. So I provided a quote by a person that didn’t want to share their pie either. I’m sorry that you don’t like the truth. But that is nothing new.

    You don’t understand Jefferson anymore than you understand Frederick Douglas. If Jefferson were alive he would bitch slap you from being completely ignorant of the founding principles of this country. What the flock do you think life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is? Do you think it is a communist slogan?

  21. That is the worst false equivalence I have seen in some time. Working for the common good is not slavery. Either you don’t understand the common good, or you don’t understand slavery. Or both.
    Even if one is not religious, there are some Biblical references that address the issue to both the secular as well as spiritual:

    Isaiah 58:7
    Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

    Matthew 25:35
    For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,

    Matthew 25:36
    I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

  22. pete says:

    “I didn’t start this, I was told I didn’t share my pie”

    That was me. I apologize, it was not my intention to offend, it was meant as a joke. I would’ve put a smiley face after but I really dislike those things. They remind me too much of zits and puberty, I guess.

  23. pete,
    Every blog needs a resident troublemaker and wit. Life would be terribly dull without you around, and for those who must have your jokes explained to them….well, not worth the bother.

  24. bron98 says:

    voluntary charity

  25. bron98 says:

    There are very few deserving poor in this country. Most of them are poor for a reason. And most of the time it comes down to making poor decisions in life.

    I do not owe the able-bodied person who wishes to surf all day anything nor do I owe the woman who has 5 children with 5 different men anything. Responsibility for your own life can be a bitch sometimes.

    Now if your barn burns down, well I will help you rebuild it. But if you are smoking crack or meth and cannot work because of it, well I don’t owe you anything..

    That is the problem with lefties they’re always equating the good and the bad into one universal group.

  26. “If you believe in taking money from one person to give to another, you definitely believe in slavery.”


    Actually you’d believe in taxation. You know. That thing that every form of government has in order to operate a social support structure of any substantive scale.

    As for “deserving poor”? Bob is oft want to quote “Deserve ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.”

    And what Chuck said in re false equivalences.

    But if you want to trace causation, are not your Objectivist views the root of why people think you won’t share your pie, B?

  27. bron98 says:

    “… what more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? Still one thing more, fellow citizens — a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.”

    Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801.

  28. gbk says:


    “. . . metaphysical fact . . .”

    Here lies danger.

  29. Eating the internet-that really bytes.

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