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From Mark Cersosimo:

Starting in 1998, The House Of Dreams is a project conceived by Stephen Wright and his former partner Donald Jones. The project was born from Stephen’s desire to create something permanent, something that will far outlive him. Donald passed away two years into the project and Stephen’s parents sadly soon followed. Stephen found himself alone and this fueled the latter years of this ongoing project. Stephen began creating a “new” family within the house, not as a replacement, but to help create a sense of belonging.

He compares the building of The House Of Dreams to the building of an intimate human relationship. His sculptures, everything contained within the house, he likens to giving birth to a child. Wright claims to have never felt truly at home in the bustling city that is London. Born on a farm in the suburbs, he’s moved closer to London for work, and his home, the living, breathing artwork he resides in, is his comfort zone.

Though the house is largely a personal diary of Wright’s life, there have been a number of added narratives donated by visitors. Hair, teeth, ashes, anything of meaning. He refuses to clean anything he finds or is given to him and incorporates all items as-is.

Stephen has bequeathed the museum to UK’s National Trust so that it can remain open long after he dies and will remain his lasting legacy.

The House of Dreams is open to the public six days a year and by appointment.


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  1. rafflaw says:

    That is one spooky house!

  2. Morning, rafflaw. I found the dolls to be rather freaky, and I likely back out of the place very very carefully from sensory overload & claustrophobia. But I got the sense that the house has become a temple of sorts for some people, and my thoughts then went to the Burning Man temples and what makes something sacred, if not the meaning that people attach to it?

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