The Coffee Shop – Shenandoah – Woodbridge’s choir is singing in a cave Výpustek

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Just beautiful:


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This is an Open Thread. Grab your cup, pull up a chair, sit a spell and share what’s on your mind today.

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12 Responses to The Coffee Shop – Shenandoah – Woodbridge’s choir is singing in a cave Výpustek

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    Good Morning Joy –

    So is the choir from Woodbridge, VA, and are they singing in a cave in the Czech Republic?! That’s some tour!

    The music is lovely.

  2. Wonderful acoustics, great song and good choir. Here is more beautiful cave music.

  3. Morning, all.

    Your info is better than mine, off’bss! All I knew was the title of the video.

    Hah, Chuck!!! The video you posted is the one that sent me looking for more, since I was certain you had already seen it. I like the sound of water and the cave accoustics; you might remember, I posted this at DK long ago:

  4. wordcloud9 says:

    Joy –

    I just googled Výpustek and Woodbridge Choir, and that’s what came up.

  5. Thank you, Nona. I was pretty tired when I put this together last night, and when my initial google just brought back the video, I said to heck with that!!! But it is always preferable to give the singers proper credit, and I thank you for that.

  6. One of the Celtic Lassie’s favorite Scottish bands was based in Williamsburg, VA. The band was Coyote Run. She was disappointed when they disbanded about four years ago. They used to come to the annual Celtic festival in Abingdon, VA, which is only a few miles north of us. This is the band singing their signature song, Shenandoah in the Great Hall of Caerphilly Castle in Wales. They set their pipes and drums aside, so this version is strictly a Capella.

    Here is Coyote Run in Abingdon. I did not do this video, but was there. This was recorded shortly after the massacre on the campus of Virginia Tech. The Lassie and I were next to the stage on the left. I was taking pictures and she was keeping time with her foot. Each time I watch this, many poignant memories come back. She did love her music.

  7. Another of my favorites –

    Կոմիտաս` ”Տեր ողորմեա”
    Նելլի Գասպարյան
    (Վանա լճի Աղթամար կղզու Սբ. Խաչ եկեղեցի)

    Google translation:

    Komitas – “Lord have mercy”
    Nelly Gasparyan
    ( Van Island of St. Cross Church)

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  9. ghotiphaze says:

    So easy a caveman can do it. (Not meanin’ to disparage Troglodyte-Americans)

  10. Yay, fellow fish!!!

  11. pete says:

    I wonder how many people the choir started out with. Some people don’t do well in caves.

  12. LOL, pete. I would be the one demanding to Let Me Out Now!!! Not that any choir would take me in the first place. 😉

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