Readings – Intel source: IG report ups pressure on DOJ to seek criminal charges against Clinton

From Fox News, the report by the inspector general for the Department of State removes several of Hillary Clinton’s defenses for using a private server for all of her email, making it more likely that the Department of Justice will indict.

Intel source: IG report ups pressure on DOJ to seek criminal charges against Clinton

By Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne
Published June 01, 2016

The recently released State Department inspector general report, which found Hillary Clinton broke government rules with her personal email use, increases “the likelihood and pressure” for the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges, an intelligence source familiar with the FBI investigation told Fox News.

“It is very harmful to her and increases the likelihood and pressure on DOJ to indict,” said the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “[The IG report] is not evidence in itself, but it clears up confusion [about] Department of State rules and makes the IG a witness, and the people they interviewed, to her computer antics being done without permission.”

The ongoing FBI criminal probe — investigating Clinton’s emails practices as secretary of state — is focused on whether the more than 2,100 classified emails discovered on her server constitute a violation of federal code, including the Espionage Act’s 18 USC 793, known as the “gross negligence” statute. FBI Director James Comey plans to make a recommendation based on the evidence, and if the findings merit criminal charges, the decision to prosecute ultimately rests with Attorney General Loretta Lynch… ~ Continue reading

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2 Responses to Readings – Intel source: IG report ups pressure on DOJ to seek criminal charges against Clinton

  1. Queries says:

    The unclassified report from State’s OIG was certainly more damning than most make it out to be in high exposure media. Frankly as scathing as one from an IG could be. For more, it would have to be an enforcing agency.

  2. I agree, Queries, “scathing” is really the best word for the that report. So there’s another version, eh? Oh how I wish I had clearance to read that one!

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