If Politicians Were Controlled by Space Aliens, Would We Notice?

This explains so much.

From reason.com, about CBS’s new show, Braindead:

The only real question about BrainDead is which CBS division produces it: news or entertainment. Because in the epoch of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, a show in which space aliens bore holes in the brain of Washington politicians and cause them to spout gibberish sounds more like an extension of 60 Minutes than the pulpy, black-humor sci-fi drama that BrainDead purports to be.

Not that BrainDead isn’t bleakly hilarious, to a pee-your-pants-laughing degree, and drive-in-movie creepy. It sooooo is, and it’s the show of the summer and possibly of the year. But not since The Werewolf Of Washington popped up during the 1973 summer of Watergate has Hollywood captured the moment’s political gestalt with such deadly accuracy….  Continue reading.


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2 Responses to If Politicians Were Controlled by Space Aliens, Would We Notice?

  1. Queries says:

    Great stuff…LOL

  2. That actually looks funny. I almost never watch network television but I might give that a try.

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