Airborne Cat Plays It Cool

When pilots of small aircraft run through their pre-flight check lists, they may want to add one more item: inspect plane for stowaway cats.

Fortunately, this cat kept her cool, and made it to back to earth safely.

Pilot Romain Jantot, 28, got a shock while flying an open-air Skyranger plane over Kourou in French Guiana — an extra passenger. “I was extremely surprised when I saw her,” he told ABC News.

Jantot is currently training to become a professional helicopter pilot, and he practices at the “16-34 ULM Club,” where the cat is considered a mascot. “She is going to be famous all over the world and she doesn’t even have a name,” Jantot said. The cat is known as “Minou,” which is “Kitty” in French. “She’s kind of the club’s mascot. We see her every day and everybody gives her food when they’re at the club.”

Jantot said it was not the first time Minou has been in a plane’s wing, but it was “ the first time she was in the wing while the plane was in the air,” he said, “Her presence was not dangerous for the flight at all, but I just wanted to be sure that she wasn’t going to jump. So I slowed down the engine and I saw that she was already less afraid. If I had started to make big gestures she would have definitely tried to get out of the wing,” he explained. “I warned the passenger once I saw that everything was going OK. Then we took off again after having dropped off the cat.”

Minou was not harmed, and according to Jantot, just “ten minutes later, she had her nose in her food.”

One down, still eight lives to go.

cat with parchute

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  1. pete9999 says:

    You won’t escape me this time, bird.

  2. wordcloud9 says:

    LOL! pete9999

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