The Coffee Shop – Leonard Cohen – “Anthem” (music video)

The Coffee Shop is an open thread-style discussion forum for human interest news of the day.

Leonard Cohen Anthem snip

What can I say, I love this guy. 


This is an open thread. There are several hosts, each host being responsible for picking a “theme of the day” and starting the discussion. However, there is no hard and fast rule about staying on topic, especially if you have a personal story burning a hole in your pocket trying to escape.
Pictures and videos are welcome in the comments.  If photos are used, please be sure you own the copyright. We would rather see your personal photos anyway, rather than random stuff copied from the internet.  Our only request is that if you use pictures or videos, take pity on those who don’t have broadband, and don’t post more than two or three in a single comment.

Coffee cup

This is an Open Thread. Grab your cup, pull up a chair, sit a spell and share what’s on your mind today.

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3 Responses to The Coffee Shop – Leonard Cohen – “Anthem” (music video)

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    Thanks Joy – Love Leonard – great start to any day.

  2. I really like Leonard Cohen. Like most good poets, he speaks truth. After my wife Letha died in 2011, I discovered a new release by Cohen called “Show Me The Place.” I played it over and over, which resulted in Brandi fussing at me, saying, “Daddy, don’t do this to yourself.” Maybe it is truly a good thing we cannot foresee what the future holds for us.

    These are some of the most powerful and poignant lyrics I have ever heard.

  3. Chuck, I always think of you when I hear this piece. There have been many a time I turned to Leonard Cohen’s music for the feeling of being understood. {{{ Chuck }}}

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