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In lieu of launching yet another paean on the annual swelling flood of patriotism, I’ve decided instead to address that relentless summer menace, the mosquito.

In the news recently – a study that discovered who is most likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. Turns out, I’m one of the billions of humans doomed by Blood Type O, which apparently sings a siren song to them.

Sweaty athletes, pregnant women and those who imbibe alcoholic beverages are also irresistible. This is most concerning of course for pregnant women, in light of the increasing threat of the Zika virus.

But we have been battling these tinny shrieking scourges since our earliest days on earth, and this war seems unwinnable by either side.

So if you are going to grill out on the deck, drink a cold one on the veranda, or engage in any activity that makes you break a sweat — I earnestly urge you to first anoint yourself with insect repellent, then strap on some 21st century armor — a long-sleeved shirt made of moisture-wicking fiber.

Happy 4th, and may good fortune attend you as you go into battle.

mosquito -8_250

mosquito -8_250

The Mosquito

by John Updike

On the fine wire of her whine she walked
Unseen in the ominous bedroom dark
A traitor to her camouflage, she talked
A thirsty blue streak distinct as a spark,
I was to her a fragrant lake of blood
From which she had to sip a drop or die
A reservoir, a lavish field of food
I lay awake, unconsious of my size
We seem fair-matched opponents, soft she dropped
Down like a anchor on her thread of song
Her nose sank thankfully in; then i slapped
At the sting on my arm, cunning and strong
A cunning, strong gargantua. i struck
This lover pinned in the feast of my flesh
Lulled by my blood, relaxed, half-sated, stuck
Engrossed in the gross rivers of myself
Success, without a cry the creature died
Became a fleck of fluff upon the sheet
The small welt of remorse subsides as side
By side we, murderer and murdered, sleep.

“The Mosquito” by John Updike, appeared in The New Yorker, June 11, 1960 —

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6 Responses to The Coffee Shop: MOSQUITO

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    I just saw a “man on the beach” interview which revealed complete lack of knowledge about the reason Americans should celebrate on the 4th of July by a woefully large number of beach-goers.

    So I’ll do my part to remind all of us:

    On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress, representing the 13 original British colonies on the East Coast of what would become the U.S.A., voted in favor of independence from England, and two days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson. From 1776 until the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence. The English king at that time was King George III, not to be confused with George Washington, who was on our side..

    For the record, Benjamin Franklin is my favorite Founding Father.

  2. pete says:

    Yep, cause he invented fireworks and my cats love fireworks.

    Now if I could just get this one out of my pants leg. (A cat, not some fireworks).

    I live in Florida, a little north of a place named Mosquito Lagoon. There’s a good reason it’s named that. (Mosquito Lagoon not Florida) Don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard that most mosquito’s don’t bite. Only the pregnant females do. They use it as a food source for their eggs. We’ve had a wet year and a several warm winters. The preggers are out in force.

    On the bright side, I don’t live on the Gulf Coast of south Florida. Toxic algae doesn’t agree with me.

  3. One of the best sig lines ever was this one:

    If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been alone in a dark room with a mosquito.

  4. Best mosquito-themed commercial of all time:

  5. wordcloud9 says:

    Sympathies pete on the mosquito situation in Florida. Take care.

    I love Benjamin Franklin because he started the first lending library in America, and he left substantial bequests in his will to fund public education in Philadelphia and Boston. Not to mention he had the best sense of humor of any of the Founding Fathers.

  6. wordcloud9 says:

    Thanks Chuck –

    “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been alone in a dark room with a mosquito.” – The Dalai Lama

    One of my favorite quotes too.

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