ON THIS DAY: July 9, 2016

July 9th is:

Bald Is In Day

Body Painting Day

National Sugar Cookie Day

(George Washington) Carver Day

(Alexander) Hamilton Grange Day



Canada – Nunavut Dayinternational Flags

Malaysia – Penang Governor’s Birthday

Palau – Constitution Day

South Sudan – Independence Day

On This Day in HISTORY

1540 – King Henry VIII annuls his 6-month marriage to Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves by Bartholomäus Bruyn the elder (1540s)

1609 – Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II grants Bohemia religious freedom

1793 – Upper Canada ‘Act Against Slavery’ – Lower Canada bans importing slaves

1811 – Explorer David Thompson claims Pacific NW Columbia River area for Britain

1816 – Argentina declares its independence from the Spanish Empire

1850 – The Bab, Herald of the faith, is executed in Tabriz, Persia

1868 – 14th Amendment to U.S. Constitution is ratified

1893 – Daniel Williams performs 1st successful open heart surgery
– without anesthesia!

1900 – Britain’s separate Australian colonies are unified into one country

1937 – 20th Century Fox vault fire destroys over 40,000 reels of silent films

1955 – Bill Hailey and His Comets Rock Around the Clock becomes first rock-n-roll song to top Billboard’s Pop Chart

1962 – Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans exhibit opens in Los Angelestumblr_nk72yftPJn1s4jsnro1_1280 Mario

1981 – Nintendo releases Donkey Kong – mascot Mario makes his debut 

1986 – New Zealand’s Homosexual Law Reform Act legalizes homosexuality

1993 – Canada’s Nunavut Act leads to dividing the Northwest Territories

2016 – Carver Day at George Washington Carver National Monument in Missouri

2016 – Grange Day at Hamilton Grange Memorial, Alexander Hamilton’s NYC home

Top Section: Print of The Grange, Alexander Hamilton’s home, circa 1888
Bottom Section: Anne of Cleves, painted by Bartholomäus Bruyn the elder (circa 1540s)

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