ON THIS DAY: July 22, 2016

July 22nd is

Hammock Dayhammock between palms

Lion’s Share Day

Pi Approximation Day

Spoonerism Day

Summer Leisure Day

World Festivals and National Holidays

Austria – Salzburg Festival (1st day)international Flags

Canada – Vancouver Spirit of  the People Powwow

Gambia – Revolution Day

Malaysia – Sarawak Day

Swaziland – King Father’s Birthday

On This Day in HISTORY

1099 – Godfrey of Bouillon elected first Defender of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

1298 – Edward I’s longbowmen defeat William Wallace’s Scottish schiltrons at Falkirk

1706 – England and Scotland Acts of Union agreed, the beginning of Great Britain

1796 – Cleveland was founded by General Moses Cleaveland (the city name is mispelled!)

1812 – Duke of Wellington’s troops defeated the French at Battle of Salamanca in Spain

1844 – William Spooner, Oxford don, mose whixed up letters gave us “spoonerism”

For Emma Lazurus,  John Dillinger, and Don Henley – just click

1849 – Emma Lazurus born, author of the poem on the Statue of Liberty’s base

Lazurus Poem

1893 – Katharine Lee Bates writes “America the Beautiful” lyrics in Colorado

1894 – First-ever motorcar race held between Paris and Rouen

1926 – Babe Ruth caught a baseball dropped from an airplane flying at 250 feet

1933 – Wiley Post makes around-the-world trip in 7 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes

1934 – “Public Enemy #1” John Dillinger mortally wounded by FBI agents in Chicago

1941 – Plans for the Pentagon viewed by the House Subcommittee on Appropriations

1942 – WWII: U.S. begins compulsory civilian gasoline rationing

1947 – Don Henley born, singer-songwriter-drummer with the Eagles, Hotel California

1951 – Dezik (Дезик) and Tsygan (Цыган, “Gypsy”), furst dogs to make sub-orbital flight

1963 – The Beach Boys released the single “Surfer Girl”

1991 – Jeffrey Daumer arrested after police find human remains in his apartment

2000 – University of Arizona astronomers announce discovery of 17th Jupiter moon

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