ON THIS DAY: August 9, 2016

August 9th is


National Book Lover’s Day*

National Veep Day

Rice Pudding Day

International Day of World’s Indigenous People



China – Hong Kong:
Qi Xi Festival (7 Sisters)international Flags

Grenada – Carnival Tuesday

Singapore – National Day

South Africa – Women’s Day

Sri Lanka – Kandy:
Esala Perahera (Tooth Fest)

Suriname: Dag der Ihheemsen
(Indigenous People’s Day)

United States – Providence, RI:
Rhode Island International Film Festival

Zimbabwe – Defense Forces Day


On This Day in HISTORY

1173 – Construction begins on cathedral campanile, now called Leaning Tower of Pisa


1483 – First Mass celebrated in the Sistine Chapel in Rome

1790 – Columbia returns to Boston from 3 year voyage, first ship to carry American flag around the world

1831 – First steam locomotive leaves Schenectady for Albany in New York state

1854 – Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden

1859 – Nathan Ames patents the escalator

MORE! For Mary Poppins, Betty Boop, and “Smokey the Bear” click

1892 – Thomas Edison patents a two-way telegraph

1899 – P.L. Travers born, Australian author of Mary Poppins books

1910 – A. J. Fisher patents the electric washing machine

1930 – Betty Boop debuts in “Dizzy Dishes” created by Max Fleischer

1936 – Jesse Owens wins fourth gold medal at Berlin Olympics, first American to win 4 medals in single Olympics

1942 – British forces in Bombay arrest Gandhi, Quit India Movement takes off

1944 – U.S. Forest Service and Wartime Advertising Council debut “Smokey the Bear”

smokey the bear posters

1945 – U.S. drops Fat Man atomic bomb on Nagasaki, 3 days after Hiroshima, killing 74,000 people. In U.S., first network television broadcast announces the bombing

1956 – Alabama launches the first statewide, state-supported educational TV network

1965 – Singapore expelled from the Malaysian Federation

1969 – Charles Manson followers murder Sharon Tate and four others

1969 – Sly and the Family Stone release single “Hot Fun in the Summertime”

1973 – U.S. Senate committee investigating Watergate scandal files suit against Nixon

1974 – U.S. Vice President Gerald Ford becomes President after Richard Nixon is only President to resign. Veep Day, honoring Constitution’s Article II, Section 1, Clause 6

1982 – United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations first meets. In 1994, UN General Assembly established International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

2001 – U.S. President George W. Bush announces support for federal funding of limited medical research on embryonic stem cells

2004 – Donald Duck receives 2,257th star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

2004 – Trump Hotel and Casino Resorts announces filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy


*A recent study of people over 50 comparing those who did not read books with those who read for at least 3 1/2 hours a week found that book readers lived an average of almost two years longer than those who did not read at all.

boy with big books

National Book Lover’s Day



  • Heart of the Book
  • International Flags
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Fire Prevention posters
  • Boy with big books


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4 Responses to ON THIS DAY: August 9, 2016

  1. Glad you worked in that plug for book reading. Reading books is better than watching TV or fiddling with a smart phone any day.

  2. wordcloud9 says:

    As a compulsive reading, I had no choice – put the printed word in front of me, even on a cereal box, and I must read it. Books have ever been my friends, my solace and my delight!

  3. pete says:

    Thanks, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who reads cereal boxes. My ex could never understand why I would read a book more than once. A good story is a good story, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read it before.

  4. wordcloud9 says:

    My most favorites, I re-read every few years, and always discover something new.

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