ON THIS DAY: August 15, 2016

August 15th is

Lemon Meringue Pie

Chauvin Day *

Check (Your Pet’s) Chip Day *

National Relaxation Day *

Lemon Meringue Pie Day



Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Feast Day:  Assumption Day, the Virgin Mary bodily taken up to Heaven upon her death

Bangladesh – National Mourning Day

Canada – Yukon: Discovery Dayinternational Flags

Congo Republic – Féte Nationale

Costa Rica – Mothers’ Day

Equatorial Guinea –
Día de la Ley Fundamental

India – Independence Day

Liechtenstein – National Day

North Korea – Liberation Day

Samoa – Father’s Day

South Korea – Kwang Bok Jul
(Independence Day)

Tokelau – Father’s Day


On This Day in HISTORY

1281 – Kublai Khan’s Mongolian fleet destroyed by “divine wind” in Battle of Kōan against the Japanese

1519 – Ciudad de Panamá is founded

1630 map of what is now central america

1769 – Napoleon Bonaparte born in Corsica, future self-crowned Emperor of France

1790? – Nicolas Chauvin * possible French soldier, so blindly devoted to his idol Napoleon and all things French that chauvinism was coined from his name, originally meaning over-zealously patriotic and disdainful of all other nations. Now used to describe anyone insisting on superiority of whatever they espouse by disparaging its opposite. There is no birth record for him, so he may be apocryphal. Napoleon’s birthday was chosen as Chauvin Day to remind us that anything taken to extremes becomes ridiculous

MORE! for the Tivoli Gardens, Julia Child and Led Zeppelin, click

1824 – Marquis de Lafayette arrives in NY to begin an American tour

1843 – Tivoli Gardens opens in Copenhagen, Denmark


1848 – M. Waldo Hanchett patents the dental chair

1877 – Thomas Edison writes the president of the Telegraph Company suggesting that “hello” would be a more appropriate greeting than “ahoy” when answering the telephone

1912 – Julia Child, future author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, is born

1914 – Panama Canal officially openes to commercial traffic.  SS Ancon is first ship to pass through canals

1935 – Will Rogers and Wiley Post are killed in a plane crash in Alaska

1947 – India is split into independent nations of India and Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah becomes first Governor-General of Pakistan

1948 – Republic of Korea is established south of the 38th parallel north

1960 – Republic of the Congo becomes independent from France

1961 – East German workers begin construction on Berlin Wall

1969 – Woodstock Music and Art Fair draws over 400,00 people

Woodstock 1969

1971 – Bahrain becomes independent from the UK

1973 – U.S. military stops bombing Cambodia

1979 – Led Zeppelin releases their album In Through the Our Door

1985 – Fourth-grader Sean Moeller founds National Relaxation Day *, saying in a Des Moines Register interview that cleaning and real work are not part of relaxation

1986 – U.S, Senate approves economic sanctions against South Africa

1994 – U.S. Social Security Administration becomes an independent agency, separating from Department of Health and Human Services

2001 – Astronomers announced discovery of first solar system outside our own after discovery of two planets orbiting a star in the Big Dipper

2013 – The Smithsoniam announces discovery of the olinguito, first new carnivoran species found in the Americas since 1978


2015 – The American Veterinary Medical Association designates August 15 as
Check the Chip Day *:

Check the Chip day



  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • International flags
  • 1600s map of future Central America
  • Tivoli Gardens at night, Copenhagen
  • Olinguito in tree
  • Logo for “Check the Chip Day”

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8 Responses to ON THIS DAY: August 15, 2016

  1. Many people don’t know that Will Rogers and his pilot, Wiley Post, were killed at the northernmost place on the North American continent. They were taking off from Walakpi lagoon near Point Barrow, Alaska when the engine quit at low altitude. The plane stalled and went straight into the water, killing both men. Here is a newsreel from that time.

  2. wordcloud9 says:

    Thanks for the newsreel footage – really sad story.

    We could sure use some of Will Rogers wonderful wit about the daily news this election season.

  3. wordcloud9 says:

    Just noticed that this ON THIS DAY is my 200th posting at Flowers for Socrates – my how time flies when you’re having fun!

  4. pete says:


    I guess “airworthy” is a relative term.
    I can’t believe I missed Lemon meringue pie day. Hope I don’t miss coconut meringue pie day.

    Also just discovered every time I try to spell the word “meringue” I misspell it.

  5. wordcloud9 says:

    Hi pete –

    I couldn’t find a Coconut MERINGUE Pie Day, but National Coconut CREAM Pie Day is May 8.

    I trip up on Meringue too.

  6. I tried to make a lemon merengue pie once, but it was a disaster. It tasted like a sweaty shoe with Latin seasoning.

  7. Pete,
    Great minds and all that. I had exactly the same thought about airworthiness. On the other hand, they did fly the thing for long distances without too much incident.

  8. pete says:

    I’ve never tried to make lemon or coconut pies, Publix does just fine, although one year I was given a box of Key limes. And when life hands you Key limes, you make Key Lime pie(s). In this case, three of them. Very rich, very good and surprisingly does not take much lime juice to make a pie. Store bought crust though. I learned my lesson on that a long time ago.

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