We have a new writer.

Nicole Fisk PhD

Dr. Nicole Plyler Fisk

By Chuck Stanley, Editor

We were lucky enough to get Dr. Nicole Plyler Fisk to come on board as a writer.She is a very special person.  She teaches English, and points out that she has gone both the adoptive and pregnancy route. Having been there and done that, I have a special appreciation for her.

Well, not the pregnancy part, I had to leave that up to my wife, but definitely understand adoption. My wife often said of adoptive children, “They don’t grow under your heart, they grow in it.”

Nicole is the Associate Director of First-Year English at the University of South Carolina. She has her hands full raising kids and working with Freshman English students. I recall back to my own first year English class. Near the end of one class, our professor leaned over, put his head on the desk and said in a loud voice, “We freshman English teachers definitely earn our salary.”

If you go looking for her, the best place to look is in the classroom teaching themed courses on Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

Or at an animal shelter, rescuing dogs.

As one might expect of an accomplished woman, she has many interests, and will be writing on a variety of topics.

Be sure to “follow” her if you want to keep up with her writing. Also give her posts a “Like” if you enjoy reading her work.

About Chuck Stanley

Dr. Charlton (Chuck) Stanley is a board certified forensic psychologist, with interests in aviation psychology, peace officer selection and training, ethics and communication skills.
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3 Responses to We have a new writer.

  1. pete says:

    Does she grade comments on punctuation?

  2. Welcome aboard, Dr. Fisk.

    As for pete, what he may lack in punctuation skills he more than makes up for in funny.
    Now you fellas quit causing Tribble.
    Last time they almost filled the entire blog before we got them under control.
    You only need to peruse The Donald’s noggin to see the risks.

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