Readings – Consortium News: Belated Pushback on Saudis’ War on Yemen

In a post on, Jonathan Marshall reports on Saudi Arabia’s continuing war on Yemen using weapons sold to it by the U.S., citing a source calling the war “arguably the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.”  The Obama administration has supported Saudi Arabia’s actions, but now both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are pushing back.


Belated Pushback on Saudis’ War on Yemen

Jonathan Marshall, September 2, 2016

If there were an Olympics for waging bloody wars, Saudi Arabia and its Arab coalition allies would surely win a medal for their relentless bombing of Yemen over the past year and a half to crush rebels who seized power in 2014.

One international NGO has called the ongoing war in Yemen “arguably the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” which is saying a lot considering the competition from Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan…

In March, the U.N. human rights chief accused the Saudi-led coalition of causing “twice as many civilian casualties as all other forces put together, virtually all as a result of air strikes.” Given the regularity of bombing attacks on hospitals, clinics, schools, wedding parties and other civilian targets, he added, “we are possibly looking at the commission of international crimes by members of the coalition.”When I first wrote about the Yemen conflict in April 2015, the death toll stood at several hundred, with more than a quarter million people displaced. Today the United Nation’s human rights office estimates that more than 10,000 people have been killed and three million displaced. The World Food Programme reports that seven million people — more than a quarter of Yemen’s population — are “on the brink of famine.”  ~  Continue reading on

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  1. Queries says:

    Considering their justification is that the Houthis have over run the country/government as Iranian proxies couldn’t be farther from the truth since the Houthis were a minor partner of the former President, and his loyal forces among the country’s military who joined ostensibly only because they would be allowed to drive out AQAP, it would appear that the Saudis are waging this war to protect their AQAP proxy based there…

    • Whoa … according to The Google, AQAP is Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula … are you saying Saudi Arabia is using arms that we sold to them to wage war to for purpose of protecting Al-Qaeda?

      • Queries says:

        There is evidence supporting they are behind all the terror groups born out of the salafi movement, of course they claim they are “off the rails”.

        • “off the rails” but receiving Saudi protection, while killing thousands of people and displacing millions more. I dont have words to describe what I am feeling right now.

          • JoF,

            Chuck will tell you I’ve been saying our “allies” have been backing extremists for years in their desire to see a Wahabbist Caliphate as the endgame in the region. One need only have an understanding of the region as a whole and a desire to follow the money that funded 9/11 combined with an understanding of just how they have been pitting Sunni against Shia for years to have already seen what is now coming to irrevocable light. When I laid out the logic behind that assertion years ago at RIL, our beloved late LottaKatz told me that I had a frightening mind. It is not my mind that is scary though. The logic is difficult to refute. The strategy is sound. The tactics in play make sense in that light and have since the day we declared war on a country that had zero to do with 9/11 and another country that was little more than outsourced labor. SA not only does these things with our knowledge but with active protection from (and possibly the blessing of) many within the neocons in Bush Administration. Spurred by their personal economic interests. They were (likely) aided post facto either expressly or tacitly by the policies of the neoliberals as well. Fascists of a feather and all that.

            What I feel isn’t vindication at these revelations. Far from it. It is more akin to frustration.

            I imagine the mythological Cassandra might have a more nuanced definition.

          • Queries says:

            Neoists aren’t limited to one Party in our system, nor are the Saudis alone among our supposed “allies” in the region who operate in direct opposition to our interests.

          • Neo-cons & Neo-libs are two sides of the same coin in service to big money. That is a lousy mixed metaphor, but best I can do at the moment.

            Frightening mind? We live in a frightening world that is not made one bit better by closing our eyes and plugging our ears.

          • True dat.
            There have been so many conspiracy theories put forth by the nutty fringe, they created enough smokescreen that the real conspiracies have managed to blend in like our late friend Nal’s kitties did in his “Find the Kitteh” puzzles.

            I doubt the Saudi government knew when the 9-11 attacks were going to occur, or key players in the SA royal family would have been out of this country before then. However, I will be a hard sell that they did not have a Plan B in place if, or more likely when, the attacks occurred. Their executive jets were waiting and ready to go by the time they got to the airport. Never mind there was a ‘no fly’ zone for everyone else except the US military. They scurried out of the North American continent like roaches running for cover when you turn the kitchen light on. Such speed and alacrity of movement for a trans-ocean flight is not achieved in a few minutes. They had to know it was coming, even if they did not have a date certain.

            They were ready and prepared. Much like some of our home-grown survivalists.

            They had a plan in place. Those travel plans did not happen by accident.

            They were able to circumvent the ‘no fly’ order and not get shot down by some very angry and aggressive F-16 and F-18 pilots because they must have somehow gotten a “safe passage” order. Now where could that have come from? Hmmmmm…..

            The next question is why? As the late “Deep Throat” told the investigative reporters, “Follow the money.”

            What money you ask? What commodity is worth more than gold and diamonds, and in more demand by an addicted American public than cocaine and meth combined? Here is a clue. It is black, greasy, and comes out of the ground.

          • Queries says:

            “There have been so many conspiracy theories put forth by the nutty fringe,”
            “they created enough smokescreen that the real conspiracies have managed to blend ”

            The latter is the purpose of fomenting the former…

          • Queries says:

            A proxy is a proxy, off the rails or not…

  2. – excerpts from The Hunger To Fix Syria, and the Indifference Towards Yemen
    by Lucy Steigerwald, August 20, 2016

    Saudi Arabia and the US have been buddies since the 1930s. American has never been one for consistency over which nations offend its humanitarian sensibilities. Pragmatism wins the day. And pragmatism is the only thing that could justify the continued alliance with Saudi Arabia, a theocracy more strict than Iran’s, which prevents women from driving, and regularly beheads its prisoners. A nation that is also currently leading a vicious bombing campaign and war in Yemen, which has lead to thousands of deaths, and potential starvation for hundreds of thousands; not to mention, more than two million people displaced. All of that because the Saudis are overly concerned about which assholes are in charge of Yemen, and the civilian casualties are not a concern…

    The Saudis even recently took a page out of America’s book and managed to bomb a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital! The US officially condemned that because having a poker face is an essential part of working for the state department. Unfortunately, as that link notes, the Saudis have done this several times before during the conflict.

    We are funding this war, and even helping the Saudi coalition find targets, and most of us don’t seem to give a damn. It’s not even our official war – we barely care about those – and we haven’t seen any photos of grief-stricken Yemeni children. (Maybe because we’d have to make sure they weren’t shellshocked from a US drone as well.) On the plus side, the Guardian and even the frequently deferential-towards-imperialism New York Times have this week managed to notice that the US is helping to slaughter people while hardly noticing. (The Guardian used a rather clinical photo of a shell of a building in their piece, and the Times had no image at all.)

    Read the entire article at

    • Queries says:

      Unfortunately even this “exposition” leaves important points, as well as key interactions, by the wayside.

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