ON THIS DAY: September 6, 2016

September 6th is


Coffee Ice Cream Day

Louisa Ann Swain Day *

National Read a Book Day

Another Look Unlimited Day
(repurpose, recycle or donate)


 MORE! Festivals, Chris Columbus, a Woman Votes and Leningrad goes back to being St Petersburg, click


Bonaire – Bonaire Day

Bulgaria – Unification Dayinternational Flags

Chile – Día de la Unidad Nacional

Pakistan – Defense Day

Palau – Labor Day

Sao Tome & Principe – Armed Forces Day

Spain – Baza:
Cascamorras (Virgin statue contest)

Swaziland – Independence Day


On This Day in HISTORY

1492 – Christopher Columbus sails from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, his last port before crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time


1522 – Victoria, only surviving ship from Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition, limps into Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain, with only 18 crew members on board, becoming the first ship to circumnavigate the earth.

1642 – The English Parliament issues an ordinance suppressing all plays in theatres

1757 – Marquis de Lafayette born, French aristocrat who served as a Major General in the Continental Army during the American Revolution

lafayette's baptism of fire - Edward Percy Moran 1909

1803 – Scientist John Dalton uses symbols to represent atoms of different elements

1819 – Thomas Blanchard receives U.S. patent for a lathe to turn gun barrels

1837 – Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio begins admitting women as well as men

1870 – Louisa Ann Swain *, aged 69, of Laramie, Wyoming, becomes first U.S. woman to legally vote. She arose early, put on her apron, shawl and bonnet, and walked downtown with a tin pail in order to purchase yeast from a merchant. She walked by the polling place and concluded she would vote while she was there. The polling place had not yet officially opened, but election officials asked her to come in and cast her ballot. She was described by a Laramie newspaper as “a gentle white-haired housewife, Quakerish in appearance.”

Louisa Ann-Swain

1876 – The Southern Pacific rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco is completed

Celebration of Southern Pacific line between L.A. & S.F.

1901 – Leon Czolosz fatally wounds U.S. President William McKinley at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo NY

1916 – First self-service grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, opens in Memphis TN

1946 – U.S. Secretary of State James Byrnes announces policy of economic reconstruction of Germany

1952 – Canadian television begins broadcasting in Montreal

1962 – Archaeologist Peter Marsden discovers “Blackfriars” ship, first of four wrecks in the Blackfriars area of the Thames in London. This first wreck is earliest known indigenous seagoing sailing ship found in northern Europe, dating back to the 2nd century AD.  A bronze votive coin of the Emperor Domitian is found in its mast

1966 – South African Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, the progenitor of  Apartheid, is assassinated during a parliamentary meeting

1968 – Swaziland becomes independent from the U.K.

1982 – Paul McCartney releases single “Tug of War”

1990 – Iraq issues warning anyone caught trying to flee the country will get life in prison

1991 – Leningrad since 1924, Russia’s second largest city becomes St. Petersburg again


2002 –  The Smithsonian “George Catlin and His Indian Gallery” exhibit opens, containing over 400 objects

George Catlin and His Indian Gallery

2008 – U.S. Congress designates September 6 as Louisa Ann Swain Day * (House Concurrent Resolution 378)


  • Goodwill truck circa 1933
  • International flags
  • Map – first Trans-Atlantic voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492
  • Lafayette’s Baptism of Fire, painted by Edward Percy Moran, 1909
  • Louisa Ann Swain
  • Brass band greets first train on Southern Pacific L.A. to San Francisco line
  • Palace Square, now again in St. Petersburg, not Leningrad
  • Some portraits in Smithsonian’s “George Catlin and His Indian Gallery” exhibit


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