ON THIS DAY: October 1, 2016

glass_of_water-cropOctober 1st is

Inter-American Water Day *

International Music Day *

National Homemade Cookies Day

National Lace Day

Pumpkin Spice Day

Raccoon Appreciation Day

U.N. International Day of Older Persons

National Walk Your Dog Day


MORE! Bloody Mary, Electric light and Robert Redford, click


World Festivals and National Holidays

Cyprus, Nigeria, Palau and Tuvalu – Independence Days

Cameroon – Unification Day

China – Guiqing Jieinternational Flags
(National Day)

French Polynesia – Stone Fishing Ceremony
(Recreating ancient fish-harvest)

India – Rajasthan: Navratra Stapana
(Hindu Goddess Durga Festival)

Micronesia – Chuuk (Constitution Day)

Nepal – Ghatasthapana
(Invocation of the Goddess Shakti)

San Marino – Captains Regent Investiture Day

Uzbekistan – O’qituvchi va Murabbiylar Kuni
(Teachers and Instructors Day)


On This Day in HISTORY

1553 – Coronation of Mary I (‘Bloody Mary’) of England


1569 – Elizabeth I imprisons Duke of Norfolk for trying to wed Mary Queen of Scots

1800 – Spain cedes back to France the Louisiana territory that U.S would later purchase

1811 – The first steamboat on the Mississippi River arrives in New Orleans LA



1814 – Congress of Vienna opens, tasked with redrawing national borders in Europe after the defeat of Napoleon

1880 – The Edison Lamp Works begins commercial production of electric lamps, and John Philip Souza is named director of the U.S. Marine Corps Band

1885 – Special delivery mail service begins in the U.S. with first routes in West Virginia

1890 – U.S. Congress passes the McKinley Tariff Act, raising rates to record levels, and also establishes Yosemite National Park


1891 – Stanford University opens its doors as a coeducational, tuition-free (until 1920) institution near Palo Alto CA

1896 – U.S. Post Office begins Rural Free Delivery

1908 – The Model T Ford goes on sale for $825.00, or $850.00 for the touring car


1910 – The Los Angeles Times building is badly damaged by a bomb that went off prematurely, igniting gas lines, killing 21 people and injuring 100

1928 – The Soviet Union introduces its first 5-year plan

1936 – General Franco, ‘El Caudillo’ (the leader) proclaimed Spain’s head of state

1940 – The Pennsylvania Turnpike opens as the first U.S. toll superhighway

1949 – Mao Tse-tung raises flag of the People’s Republic of China as the Nationalists forces flee to Taiwan.

1952 – This is Your Life debuts on NBC-TV

1962 – Johnny Carson begins his 29-year stint as host of the Tonight show on NBC, following after Jack Paar

1964 – The Free Speech Movement starts at the University of California at Berkeley

1969 – The Concorde breaks the sound barrier for the first time


1971 – Walt Disney World opens in Orlando FL

1975 – Yehudi Menuhin joins with UNESCO to initiate International Music Day * to promote the musical arts and UNESCO’s International Music Prize

1976 – Styx releases Crystal Ball album

1979 – U.S. hands control of the Panama Canal Zone over to Panama

1980 – Robert Redford becomes the only male featured on the cover of The Ladies’ Home Journal in its 97 years


1984 – U.S. Secretary of Labor Raymond Donovan announces his leave of absence after he’s indicted on larceny and fraud charges, but he is later acquitted

1988 – Mikhail Gorbachev becomes President of the Soviet Union

1990 – In Croatia, minority Serbs proclaim autonomy

1992 – Western Hemisphere water conservation groups joined together to designate the first Saturday of October as Inter American Water Day * to spotlight the importance of water to all life on earth

1999 – Beijing celebrates 50th anniversary of founding of Peoples Republic of China


2010 – Animal Advocate Colleen Paige founds National Walk Your Dog Day * to encourage dog owners to overcome the growing canine obesity problem





  • Glass of water
  • International flags
  • Mary I of England
  • 1911 replica of first Mississippi steamboat built for centennial
  • The Concorde
  • Ladies Home Journal cover with Robert Redford
  • Beijing celebration of People’s Republic 50th anniversary
  • Walk Your Dog poster


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