ON THIS DAY: December 16, 2016

December 16th is


Boston Tea Party Day*

Chocolate Covered
Anything Day

Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Free Shipping Day *

….Ugly Christmas Sweater Day *


MORE! Anton Dvorak, Beatrix Potter and Jimi Hendrix , click



Bahrain – Nationhood Dayinternational Flags

Bangladesh – Bijoy Dibosh
(victory day)

Kazakhstan – Independence  Day

South Africa – Reconciliation Day

United States – Chatanika AK:
Chatanika Lodge Children’s Christmas Party

On This Day in HISTORY

1653 – Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland


1689 – After the Convention Parliament is convened to form an interim government and transfer the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland from James II to William III and Mary II as co-regents, the Bill of Rights 1689 is enacted, limiting the powers of the monarch, and giving rights to Parliament as well as individual rights

1770 – Ludwig Van Beethoven born, German composer

1773 – Boston Tea Party: Massachusetts colonists, the Sons of Liberty, disguised as Mohawk Indians, board three British teas ships and dump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor, protesting the British Parliament’s Tea Act of 1773, which gives a virtual monopoly on the American tea trade to the East India Company

1809 – By act of the French Senate, Napoleon Bonaparte divorces Josephine

1850 – First immigrant ships, Charlotte Jane and Randolph, arrive at Lyttleton, New Zealand

1882 – Zoltán Kodály is born, Hungarian composer

1893 – World premiere, Anton Dvorak’s New World Symphony at Carnegie Hall NYC

1899 – Noel Coward, British playwright and wit, is born


1901 – The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter, is published


1901 – Margaret Mead, American anthropologist, is born


1905 – Sime Silverman publishes the first issue of  the entertainment trade magazine Variety in New York


1907 – President Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Great White Fleet’ a U.S. Navy battle fleet, begins its circumnavigation of the world

1912 – The first postage stamp with an airplane is issued, a 20-cent parcel-post stamp


1917 – Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction author, is born


1928 – Philip K. Dick, Science Fiction author, is born


1936 – Morris Dees, Civil Rights attorney, is born


1946 – Thailand joins the United Nations

1947 – William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain build the first practical point-contact transistor

1950 – U.S. President Truman proclaims a national state of emergency in order to fight “Communist imperialism” after Chinese troops arrive to support North Korea

1966 – The Jimi Hendrix single “Hey Joe” is released in the U.K.

1967 – The Lemon Pipers release their single “Green Tambourine”

1968 – Second Vatican Council officially revokes the 1492 Edict of Expulsion of Jews from Spain

1971 – Don McLean’s eight-minute-plus version of “American Pie” is released

1976 – Peter Moeller launches Underdog Day * to honor the unlikely heroes who fight against the odds and sometimes win

1977 – Saturday Night Fever opens in the U.S.

1990 – Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a leftist priest, is elected president in Haiti’s first democratic elections

1991 – Kazakhstan declares independence from the Soviet Union

1993 – The United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution calling for negotiations on a comprehensive test ban

1994 – The first Day of Reconciliation in South Africa

1995 – Many U.S. government functions again shut down as a temporary finance provision expires and the budget dispute between President Clinton and Republicans in Congress continues

1996 – Britain’s agriculture minister announces the slaughter of an additional 100,000 cows thought to be at risk of contracting BSE (‘mad cow disease’)

1998 – Eric Michelman files the earliest patent for a scroll wheel on a computer mouse

2000 – Researchers announce information from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft indicating that Jupiter’s moon Ganymede appears to have a liquid saltwater ocean beneath a surface of solid ice. Ganymede is the solar system’s largest moon


2001 – Cuba receives the first commercial food shipment from the United States in nearly 40 years, was sent to help Cuba in the aftermath of  Hurricane Michelle

2008 – The first Free Shipping Day * is launched by Luke and Maisie Knowles, combining free shipping with guaranteed Christmas delivery ti encourage e-commerce

2009 –  Astronomers announce discovery of  GJ1214b, the first-known exoplanet on which water could exist


2011 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day * begins as a fundraising event for Save the Children



  • Chocolate-covered girl
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters
  • International flags
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Noel Coward with quote
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit opening
  • Margaret Mead with quote
  • First issue of Variety
  • First postage stamp with an airplane
  • Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Third Law’
  • Philip K. Dick quote
  • Morris Dees quote
  • Jupiter’s moon Ganymede
  • Exoplanet GJ1214b


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