ON THIS DAY: January 20, 2017

January 20th is


Buttercrunch Day

Cheese Lover’s Day

Day of Acceptance *

Disc Jockey Day

Inauguration Day

Penguin Awareness Day *



MORE!  John Marshall,  Crystal Eastman and Felix Frankfurter, click



Azerbaijan – National Day of Mourning

international Flags

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro: Founding Day

Cape Verde & Guinea-Bissau– Heroes’ Day
(anniversary of death of Amilcar Cabral *)

Mail – Armed Forces Day

Peru – Canas: Chiaraque
(ritual battle hill to give life to Mother Earth)

Spain – San Sebastián: La Tamborrada
(mockery of Napoleonic War)

On This Day in HISTORY

250 – Emperor Decius issues an imperial edict requiring all inhabitants of the empire to make sacrifice on behalf of the emperor to Rome’s ancestral gods, and consumption of sacrificial food and drink before their community’s magistrates to obtain a libellus (certificate) confirming their loyalty and compliance, causing a crisis within the Christian community, and persecution of Christians. Pope Fabian is among those who are killed


1265 – The first English parliament to include not just Lords but also representatives of  major towns holds its first meeting in the Palace of Westminster, now known as the “Houses of Parliament”

1356 – After being deposed several times by the Scots, Edward Balliol surrenders his claim to the Scottish throne to Edward III in exchange for an English pension

1576 – Mexican city of León founded by order of viceroy Don Martín Enríquez de Almanza


1586 – Johann Schein, German composer, is born

1649 – Charles I of England is put on trial for treason and other “high crimes”

1703 – Joseph-Hector Fiocco, Belgian late Baroque composer, is born

1785 – Siamese forces invade amidst political chaos in Vietnam, but are ambushed and annihilated at the Mekong river by the Tây Sơn in the Battle of Rạch Gầm-Xoài Mút

1785 – Samuel Ellis advertises his Oyster Island for sale, but no buyer responds –later renamed Ellis Island

1788 – The main body of First Fleet arrives at Botany Bay, where Arthur Phillip decides the Bay is an unsuitable location for a penal colony, and moves the site to Port Jackson

1801 – John Marshall is appointed chief justice of the United States


1839 – At the Battle of Yungay, Chile defeats an alliance between Peru and Bolivia

1840 – Anne Jemima Clough is born, British suffragist, advocate of women’s education

1841 – The British occupy Hong Kong Island

1856 – Harriot Stanton Blatch born, American author, suffragist and women’s rights activist, daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton


1885 – L.A. Thompson patents the roller coaster

1887 – The U.S. Senate approves the lease of Pearl Harbor by the Navy as a base

1891 – James Hogg takes office as the first native-born governor of Texas

1894 – Walter H. Piston, American composer who taught Leonard Bernstein, born

1910 – Joy Adamson born, Austrian author, Born Free

1920 – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is founded by Jane Addams, Roger Nash Baldwin, Crystal Eastman, Norman Thomas, and Felix Frankfurter


1920 – The 50-50 Club opens, considered the 1st ‘speakeasy’

1921 – The first Constitution of Turkey is adopted

1929 – In Old Arizona, first full-length ‘talking picture’ filmed outdoors, is released

1936 – Edward VIII ascends the throne of the United Kingdom

1937 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Nance Garner are sworn in for second terms as U.S. President and U.S. Vice President, the first time a Presidential Inauguration takes place on 20 January after ratification of the 20th Amendment changes the date

1942 – At the Wannsee Conference held in Berlin’s Wannsee suburb, senior Nazi officials discuss the “Final Solution to the Jewish question”

1945 – Germany begins evacuating 1.8 million people from East Prussia because of Russia’s advancing Red Army

1948 – U.N. Security Council Resolution 39 offering assistance to India and Pakistan in resolving the Kashmir crisis  is adopted

1949 – Point Four Program for economic aid to poor countries is announced by U. S. President Harry S. Truman in his inaugural address for his full term as President

1954 – The National Negro Network launches with 40 charter member radio stations

1960 – Hendrik Verwoerd announces a plebiscite on South Africa becoming a Republic

1964 – The Wisconsin Cheese Foundation presents the world’s largest cheese at the New York World’s Fair, weighing in at over 34,000 pounds, using over 170,000 quarts of milk from more than 16,000 cows

1969 – Elvis Presley records “In the Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds”

1972 – Pakistan launches its Nuclear weapons program weeks after its defeat in Bangladesh Liberation War and Indo-Pakistani War of 1971

1972 – Amílcar Cabral * one of Africa’s foremost anti-colonial leaders and founder of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC, initials in Portuguese), is murdered by a rival within his party

1981 – Minutes after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, Iran releases 52 American hostages

1990 – The Red Army cracks down on civil protests in Baku, Azerbaijan during the dissolution of the Soviet Union

1991 – Sudan’s government imposes Islamic law nationwide, worsening the civil war between the country’s Muslim north and Christian south

2001 – Philippines President Joseph Estrada is ousted in a nonviolent 4-day revolution, and is succeeded by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

2009 – Steve Hopkins starts Day of Acceptance in memory of his sister, Annie Hopkins, who founded 3E Love, to promote respect, understanding and equality for people of all abilities and created the International Symbol of Acceptance, a heart-shaped wheelchair

2012 – Penguin Awareness Day * is launched to bring attention to their dwindling numbers because the Southern Ocean ice is melting due to global warming


  • Baby penguin
  • Day of Acceptance logo
  • International flags
  • Roman Emperor Decius
  • City of León, Guanajuato, México
  • John Marshall, protection of the law quote
  • Harriot Stanton Blatch, unpaid work quote
  • Quite on maintaining rights from an early ACLU ad


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17 Responses to ON THIS DAY: January 20, 2017

  1. Russell says:

    I’m in for the Cheese. This is very interesting as you post these, I have always loved reading these type of things. I remember a long time ago L. M. Boyd had these, but no where as inclusive as yours.

    On a side note, Gov. James Hogg of Texas had one daughter with his wife, named, ready for this, Ima Hogg. I kid you not.

    I did not realize Spain had a day celebrating the Mockery of Napoleon.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      Thanks Russell –

      I love doing this series because I find out about things like the Spanish mockery. Delighted you enjoy reading my quirky and very selective version of history.

      And yes, I did know about Ima Hogg – Not only is my mom’s side of the family from Texas, but my husband is such a deep-dyed Texan that one member of his family was a scout for Stephen F.Austin, and his several times great uncle was Daniel Cloud, who was in charge of the cannon at the Alamo..

      • Russell says:

        My fathers side of the family made it to Tejas under the direction of Moses Austin, settled in Colorado County, Eagle Lake, if I recall.

        • wordcloud9 says:

          Ah, kindred spirits – it’s the transplants from other places that have made Texas a mockery of itself.

          Designer boots, pristine Stetsons and faux accents.

          • Russell says:

            Texas is diverse as the country. Yes, Stetsons are required as well as good had made boots. Both Bushes were want to be Texans. Because GHWB needed to avoid 1.2 million in estate taxes in Maine, he decided that Texas was a good place to have resident. Though he didn’t own any real property he found a friend, the owner of the Rice hotel he had a mailing address.

            There has been a Theory, We are watching the wrong border. Anything North of the Red River is Yankee land…

  2. wordcloud9 says:

    Maybe the TV series Dallas is to blame?

  3. I have a friend in Houston who insists a proper belt buckle can only be made from Lincoln Town Car hubcaps.

    • Russell says:

      That’s why we call them the Lincoln Lawyer Chuck.

      Had to turn off the BagDalLies… watched all the way until the Blond Basturd from NY, was sworn in. I can’t tell whether he is a sociopath or a pathological liar.

      • Sociopath and psychological liar are pretty much synonymous. One goes with the other. I saw a piece by Kieth Olbermann which does a good job of summing him up.

  4. randyjet says:

    I will be at the Women’s march in Houston tomorrow to make my presence for women’s rights felt against the Trump view of women.

    • Good on you, Randy. Given my history, you know my view on women’s rights. There are few issues I am more passionate about.

    • pete says:

      I met a woman last Saturday who was heading up for the march, she said she was catching a bus with a group from Orlando. Not enough people from the Daytona area going.
      I have a biker friend here that’s from the northern Virginia area that was bragging about the 2 million bikers for trump that were suppose to be at the coronation. I asked if he was going, he said no. I asked if he knew any other bikers from here going, again a no. I asked if no one he knew from a bike friendly area like Daytona was going, why did he think anybody from anywhere else in the country would bother riding to D.C. in the middle of January?

      From the pictures if seen of the size of the “crowd” there must have been a couple of holes in their meat wall.

  5. randyjet says:

    I also made my probably last post on Turley’s web site asking him if there was anything Trump could say or do that would be beyond the pale. He said he was against the cry from some Trump supporters chanting Jail her when they saw Clinton. I asked why he did NOT denounce Trump himself for doing the same. Or denounce him for encouraging violence against his opponents. I also asked Have you no sense of decency?

    • Russell says:


      That will most certainly get you banned. Never question the man behind the curtain. I used to think he had the integrity to be a great Supreme Court Justice, I take that back with the way he lets the far right wingers take over the blog and anyone that disagrees with Nicky…

      • We can count on any appointment the Tangerine Man makes for the SCOTUS to be unacceptable, but I just had a horrible thought about who he might pick. Hypocrisy personified.

        • pete says:

          I believe he has a sister that’s a judge somewhere. I’d bet on her. Nepotism is one of those bigly words he’s never learned the meaning of.

  6. If you mean “integrity” as in “being whole”, I’ll stipulate he is made of integrated solid matter in the physics sense, but that’s as far as I’m willing to commit. All the other uses of the word fail in this application.

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