Ghosts of GOP scandals past … and the inevitable misdirections

By ann summers



The age of Alternative Facts is coming to an end with the verification that there have been illegal dealings at the highest level between representatives of the current administration and Russia, and potentially a violation of the Logan Act. For all the denial of Russian interference in the US government, it has come to the center of national security and apparently with the knowledge of both the President and the Vice President.


What remains is for some people to do their investigatory jobs, undeterred by what will be the same kinds of systematic obstruction that now have made the GOP Congress complicit in a tax record obstruction of the current WH occupant’s refusal to release tax records.

It will take so long to investigate what seems now more than implications of self-dealing criminal behavior not unlike Watergate that we will see the midterm pass with Lord Dampnut still building his brand of truthful hyperbole, filled with alternative facts.

Less than two hours before Michael Flynn’s resignation, the story broke that Sally Yates had warned Donald Trump’s White House near the end of January that Flynn was a likely risk to be blackmailed by Russia. Trump took no action against Flynn at the time. But just days later, Trump fired Yates, citing her disagreement with his position on the Muslim ban. That now creates the appearance that Trump fired Yates because he knew that she was onto Flynn’s collusion with Russia, and that he merely used the Muslim ban as an excuse to get rid of her before she could take Flynn down.


We will be hearing a whole lot in the next days regarding Donald Trump’s true motivation for firing Sally Yates. But here’s what’s fairly clear right now: Flynn spent four days refusing to resign, but almost immediately after the Yates news broke in the Washington Post, Flynn changed his mind and resigned. That suggests that Flynn viewed the Yates revelation as being so damning toward the Trump White House that he suddenly wanted to bail as quickly as possible.…


The Watergate scandal began with the June 17, 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration‘s attempted cover-up of its involvement. When the conspiracy was discovered and investigated by the United States Congress, the Nixon administration’s resistance to its probes led to a constitutional crisis.[6]

The scandal grew to involve a slew of additional allegations against the President, ranging from the improper use of government agencies to accepting gifts in office and his personal finances and taxes; Nixon repeatedly stated his willingness to pay any outstanding taxes due, and paid $465,000 in back taxes in 1974.[7]…

“What did Flynn tell Moscow while it was meddling in the US election to help Trump?”

Like Nordstrom, shoes, even Ivanka’s are beginning to drop, with the usual reluctance of the GOP to do their elected jobs as though justice gets to base itself on Alternative Facts.

Oh look, a Celebrity Apprentice ploy to paparazzi-position Justin Trudeau and Ivanka together in Photo-Ops … and TMZ is the lead website

There will be another feint from Lord Damnut’s fainting couch, much like he tried to use Ivanka to frame the visit of Canada’s PM as a “womens issue” even to the point of doing a “bring your kid to work” photo-op of Ivanka at Daddy’s desk that even WaPo thinks is tacky.

Steve Bannon still wants us in that 4th Generation Turning to the civilization clash that will drop a dime on the enemies of Tradition, an apparently politically correct 4th theory for white(sic) folks. What will distract the MSM and will it come from abroad…

Maybe they can stage the assault (Flynn’s temp is a Grenada vet) by sending troops via ships through the Panama Canal … because Noriega. More importantly, which new video game edition will feature Lord Dampnut … Call of Duty? … or a cameo in Mobile Strike

Venezuela VP a “drug kingpin”

In the mid-1980s, relations between Noriega and the United States began to deteriorate. In 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan opened negotiations with General Noriega, requesting that the Panamanian leader step down after he was publicly exposed in The New York Times by Seymour Hersh, and later exposed in the Iran-Contra Scandal.[9] Reagan pressured him with several drug-related indictments in U.S. courts; however, since extradition laws between Panama and the U.S. were weak, Noriega deemed this threat not credible and did not submit to Reagan’s demands.[10] In 1988, Elliot Abrams and others in the Pentagon began pushing for a U.S. invasion, but Reagan refused, due to Bush’s ties to Noriega through his previous positions in the CIA and the Task Force on Drugs, and their potentially negative impact on Bush’s presidential campaign.[11] Later negotiations involved dropping the drug-trafficking indictments. In March 1988, Noriega’s forces resisted an attempted coup against the government of Panama. As relations continued to deteriorate, Noriega appeared to shift his Cold War allegiance towards the Soviet bloc, soliciting and receiving military aid from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Libya.[12] American military planners began preparing contingency plans to invade Panama.

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12 Responses to Ghosts of GOP scandals past … and the inevitable misdirections

  1. Russell says:

    I think that there is more inquiry than Nixon had his entire terms.I understand that Deep Throat is within the west wing. It’s one thing to have Democracy as a foe. It’s another thing to have all of the respectable new reporters in arms as a foe. Then again when you build something based upon lies, there becomes a day of atonement. However, when you have people that are within your direction and control lose credibility as a spokes person, you have lost the media war.

    26 days seem like 26 years.

  2. The Democratic Party also has its share of scandals attached to it. So neither side should get a pass in that regard.

    • That is a tu quoque logical fallacy. It assumes a moral equivalence that may or may not be there. Shoplifting and murder are both crimes. They are not equivalent.

  3. Chuck Stanley, in this regard, your views are wrong.

  4. Chuck Stanley, how is my assertion a logical fallacy?

  5. Chuck Stanley, who saw to the violation of the rights of African Americans-democrats or republicans? What about the matter of Indians being forcibly removed from their lands? Who was culpable for that-democrats or republicans?

    • Party lines blur and even flip over time. Some parties even disappear. Meet any Whigs or Tories lately? Most members of the Democratic Party of the old South flipped to become Republicans when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed. Black people who had been Republican because Lincoln was Republican flipped to the Democratic Party because of Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act.

      Andrew Jackson is long dead. The party he headed no longer exists as he knew it. The Republican Party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt no longer exists.

      • Russell says:


        You are going to have a lot of GOP thinking that they are going to be tolerant to immigrants. Just say it ain’t so.

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