Daughter of Trump’s Florida campaign manager ‘walked out’ of White House

by Terry Welshans

Six White House staffers  were “walked out of the building by security” on Wednesday after not passing the SF86 and were dismissed Thursday morning after failing FBI background checks. The SF-86 is a 127 page Questionnaire for National Security Positions for security clearance. Not all of the pages are required, unless a followup page is needed due to the answers given.


Among those were President Donald Trump’s director of scheduling, Caroline Wiles, the daughter of Susan Wiles, who has tax records dating back as far as 1991 but moving through to 2014 that show a history of failing to pay both personal and corporate income tax. Carolyn Wiles is Trump’s Florida campaign manager and former chief of staff to Governor Rick Scott, said by some to be the worst Florida Governor, ever.

She’s among others who failed to pass the intensive background check, which includes questions on the applicant’s credit score, substance use and other personal subjects.

White house jobs require what is nicknamed a “Yankee White” Security Clearance. “Yankee White” is NOT a security clearance, it is a process used to screen clearances that are in support of the Executive office of the President (EOP)and other National Priority Programs.

The basic eligibility requirements for “Yankee White” are:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen with unquestionable loyalty to the United States and a proven track record of maturity and trustworthiness.
  • Must not have any serious criminal convictions, any history of dishonest conduct, or history of illegal drug use (same criteria applies to immediate family members)
  • Immediate family members should be U.S. citizens
  • One or two extra financial forms are required depending on which of the three Categories of Yankee White are used.
  • A suitability/fitness determination is always required, and it occurs separately after the security clearance eligibility determination, if access to classified information is needed.

The grounds for denial was not disclosed.

About Terry Welshans

I grew up in Burbank, California. My dad worked at a company that made sub assemblies for about every airplane made in the 1960-1970 era, so it was only natural that the aviation bug bit me while I was quite young. I hold a commercial pilot certificate and fly as much as I can. I live in Bardstown, Kentucky with my wife, moving here after we retired. I am a Vietnam veteran and a cancer survivor. I like to keep politicians honest, and do so when they open an avenue where I feel they have erred.
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8 Responses to Daughter of Trump’s Florida campaign manager ‘walked out’ of White House

  1. When are they going to frog march that failed Naval officer, Bannon, out of there? Preferably in handcuffs. He is an admitted Leninist who makes no secret of the fact he is hell-bent on destroying the United States government. The Constitution is an obstacle to him, not something to be upheld.

    I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.

    Source: Steve Bannon, Trump’s Top Guy, Told Me He Was ‘A Leninist’ Who Wants To ‘Destroy the State’ The Daily Beast (August 21, 2016)

  2. rafflaw says:

    Chuck, Bannon is the puppet master!

  3. wordcloud9 says:

    Too bad they can’t march Trump out too – looking over the criteria, surely he would fail to pass a Yankee White

  4. I see a late news story that he asked David Petraeus to take over Flynn’s job. Petraeus bailed on him. Story is that Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster is next in line being considered. Naming McMaster? What could possibly go wrong for Trump with that pick? McMaster is an intellectual with an earned PhD. He is also a rebel, a tactician, and respected scholar regarding military operations. McMaster’s exploits in combat are documented in the Battle of 73 Easting.

  5. Russell says:

    Lost post. It went away.

  6. Russell says:

    I agree with everything everyone has said.

    Hello Raf.

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