ON THIS DAY: March 7, 2017

March 7th is

Be Heard Day *

Cereal Day *

Roast of Pork Day

Unique Names Day

MORE! Luther Burbank, Kōbō Abe and Lorena A. Hickok, click



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De Bijloke Film Festival

France – Nancy:
Cameo Film Festival

Germany – Biberach:
Traumpalast Festival

On This Day in HISTORY

203 – Vibia Perpetua, daughter of a prominent Carthaginian family and a Christian convert, becomes the first diarist noted in history when she keeps a record of her time waiting in a Roman prison with her pregnant slave Felicitas under sentence of death. She records her thoughts, dreams, and an argument with her father, who wants her to renounce her faith

321 – Emperor Constantine I decrees that dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire

1574 – John Wilbye born, English madrigal composer

1671 – Rob Roy McGregor born, Scottish cattle rustler and folk hero

1765 – Nicéphore Niépce born, French pioneer in photography, invents heliography, a photographic process that made the earliest known plate to recreate an outdoor image, the view from his window

1774 – In reaction to the Boston Tea Party, King George III makes a speech, charging the colonists with attempting to injure British commerce; this leads to the Boston Port Act, which closes it to all commerce, and moves the port of entry to Marblehead

1792 – Sir John Herschel born, English astronomer following in his father’s footsteps

1804 – John Wedgwood, son of Josiah, founds the Royal Horticultural Society

1848 – In Hawaii, the Great Māhele is signed, King Kamehameha’s land redistribution plan, abolishes a semi-feudal system, gives the crown one-third of the land, the chiefs another third, and the remaining third is to go to the people, but many Hawaiians, with no concept of private land ownership, make no claim, forfeiting their rights

1849 – Luther Burbank born, American horticulturist, developed new varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers

1850 – U.S. Senator Daniel Webster gives his “Seventh of March” speech endorsing the Compromise of 1850 as a method of preventing civil war and preserving the Union

1872 – Piet Mondrian born, Dutch abstract art painter

1875 – Mary Teresa Norton born, American politician, labor and women’s rights advocate, first female Democrat to serve in the US House of Representatives, representing New Jersey’s 13th District (1933-1951)

1875 – Maurice Ravel born, French composer

1893 – Lorena A. Hickok, American journalist and author, New York Daily Mirror and AP reporter, one of the few women to have a byline in the 1920s, becoming nationally known; numerous interviews with Eleanor Roosevelt leads to close friendship – ‘Hick’ encourages the First Lady to write her “My Day” newspaper column – during Depression, works as the Federal Emergency Relief Administration’s chief investigator

1897 – Cereal Day * Dr. John Kellogg serves corn flakes for the first time to his patients at his hospital in Battle Creek MI

1904 – Russo-Japanese War: Japan bombs the Russian town of Vladivostok

1906 – Finland grants women the right to vote

1908 – Cincinnati’s Mayor Leopold Markbreit announces before the city council that “Women are not physically fit to operate automobiles”

1911 – Willis Farnworth patents the coin-operated locker

1917 – Robert Erickson born, modern American composer

1922 – Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya born, Russian mathematician, known for her work in partial differential equations and fluid dynamics

1924 – Kōbō Abe born, Japanese poet-novelist-playwright; Woman in the Dunes

1927 – A Texas law that bans Negroes from voting is ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court

1934 – Giorgos Katsaros born, Greek saxophone player and songwriter

1946 – Matthew Fisher born, keyboardist, Procol Harum

1947 – John L. Lewis denounces the Taft-Hartley Act as authorizing “government by injunction,” and refuses to allow any of his officials to take the non-Communist oath the act requires

1955 – Peter Pan, starring Mary Martin, premieres as a TV special

1959 – Melvin C. Garlow is the first pilot to fly over a million miles in jet airplanes

1965 – State troopers and a sheriff’s posse use tear gas, nightsticks and whips to break up a march by civil rights demonstrators in Selma AL; 17 marchers are hospitalized, and 40 more receive first aid

1975 – The U.S. Senate revises the filibuster rule, allowing 60 senators to limit debate instead of the previous two-thirds

1985 – The first AIDS antibody test, an ELISA-type test, is released

1994 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules that parodies that poke fun at an original work can be considered “fair use” that does not require permission from the copyright holder

1994 – In Moldova, 90% of voters reject a referendum to form a union with Rumania

2003 – Scientists at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center announce that they have transferred 6.7 gigabytes of uncompressed data from Sunnyvale, CA, to Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 58 seconds via fiber-optic cables, a distance of 6,800 miles

2004 – Be Heard Day * is launched by Shannon Cherry as a day to help small business be heard through all the big business marketing

2009 – NASA’s Kepler Mission, a space photometer for searching for extrasolar planets in the Milky Way galaxy, is launched from Cape Canaveral

2010 – Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman to win an Academy Award for best director for her Iraq War film “The Hurt Locker,” which won six Oscars, including best picture



  • Unique names cloud
  • International flags
  • Vibia Perpetua, mosaic
  • Nicéphore Niépce, earliest known outdoor photo
  • Royal Horticultural Society badges
  • Luther Burbank, thinking quote
  • Daniel Webster, far right,  giving “Seventh of March” speech
  • Piet Mondrian, Composition With Red Yellow & Blue (1921)
  • Mary Teresa Norton, no lady quote
  • Kōbō Abe, defeat quote
  • Katherine Bigelow, making movies quote


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