#TrumpRussia kleptocrats and crony capitalists profit from lowering US aid

By ann summers

In Russia, client states you!

So the White House wants to merge USAID and the Department of State, because draining-swamp thing, leaving an opening for whom?

Oh darn, more influence accrues to Russia and the clients of a passel of Manafort clients because Trump’s plans to cut federal agencies serve his accumulation of personal profit and …oh wait … those parties that helped him in 2016 and earlier. Remember those pesky coincidences of GOP RNC platform changes and meetings with #TrumpRussia players.

As if Trump cared about the Bannonist cynicism that could transform the US into a Russian client state. Influence in countries will swing eastward as the US ignores the diplomatic effects of foreign aid and surrenders the advantages to other countries.

Because President Bannon believes in NIMBY-nationalism, and because America Trump First, everybody who’s in the 1% gets paid.

Rex “don’t look at me” Tillerson hangs on amidst #TrumpRussia because “the wife” told him to and because of that $500B Exxon/Mobil payday with Russian energy interests, because sanction-lifting vampire squid pro quo.94831b32c39d33b6fdbeae7069280270_1_.jpg

In the case of Ukraine, it includes war profiteering and the benefits shared by Manafort cronies, among others who might make the Russian attempts to reinstate Ukraine as a client state that surrendered Crimean territory to Russian annexation.

Darn that Marshall Plan, international development aid is what RWNJs call welfare(sic) even if it served democracy and nation building, but doesn’t buy those extra golf courses and hotels.

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