ON THIS DAY: April 27, 2017

April 27th is

International Girls in Information and
Telecommunication Technologies Day

Mantanzas Mule Day 

Poem In Your Pocket Day

Prime Rib Day

Take Our Daughters and
Sons to Work Day

World Tapir Day


MORE! Ferdinand Magellan, Mary Wollstonecraft and Walter Lantz, click



Netherlands – Koningsdag
(King’s Day – birthday)

Mayotte – Abolition Day

Philippines –
Manila: ASEAN Summit

Sierra Leone – Independence Day

Slovenia – Resistance Day

South Africa – Freedom Day

Togo – Independence Day


On This Day in HISTORY

711 – Moorish troops led by Tariq ibn Ziyad land at Gibraltar to begin their invasion of the Iberian Peninsula

1521 – Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan is killed in the Philippines

1673 – Claude Gillot born, French painter, engraver and theatrical designer

The Italian Comedy: Metamorfosi D’Arlecchino by Claude Gillot

1744 – Nikolay Novikov born, Russian writer, philanthropist and social critic

1759 – Mary Wollstonecraft born, English writer and women’s rights advocate

1791 – Samuel F. B. Morse born, American inventor and artist, who invented the single wire telegraph system, and co-inventor of More Code

1820 – Herbert Spencer born, English sociologist and philosopher

1822 – Ulysses S. Grant born, commander of the Union armies during the American Civil War, and 18th U.S. President

1840 – Edward Whymper born, English artist and mountaineer; first to climb the Matterhorn

1896 – Wallace Hume Carothers born, American chemist; developed nylon

1899 – Walter Lantz born, American film animator; creator of “Woody Woodpecker”

1906 – Alice Dunnigan born, 1st African-American journalist accredited to cover Congress (1947) and the White House, Supreme Court and State Department, documented Klan actions when no “white” newspaper covered them

1927 – Coretta Scott King born, civil rights, human rights, and peace activist, a leader in struggle for racial equality and became active in the Women’s and LGBT rights movements; founded the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change

1957 – Ricky Nelson’s first record, “Teenager’s Romance,” is released

1972 – Apollo 16 returned to Earth after a manned voyage to the moon

1982 – John W. Hinckley Jr. goes on trial in Washington, D.C., for shooting President Ronald Reagan, a Secret Service agent, a police officer, and nearly killing Ptrss Secretary James Brady; he will be acquitted by reason of insanity

1987 – The Justice Department bars Austrian President Kurt Waldheim from entering the U.S., saying he aided in the deportation and execution of thousands of Jews and others as a German Army officer during World War II

1992 – The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was proclaimed in Belgrade by the Republic of Serbia and its lone ally, Montenegro

1992 – Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman to be elected Speaker of the British House of Commons

1992 – Russia and 12 other former Soviet republics won entry into the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

2006 – Construction begins on a 1,776-foot building on the site of the World Trade Center in New York City

2011 – President Barack Obama produces a detailed Hawaii birth certificate, which should have settled the issue of where he was born


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