PBS Frontline … on Bannonism, the lowest stage of crony capitalism


By ann summers




The latest PBS Frontline gives those who have read the various articles on him, some insight about the path of Steve Bannon to the White House.

If he survives what has been predicted to be a series of White House firings, it will demonstrate that Trump and Reagan shared some dual attributes … dupes / dopes.

Bannon is the ideology and policy foundation for Trumpery and the author of a Strategy of Tension, a perfect fit with the erratic nature of temperamental Lord Dampnut.

The Frontline program does provide further anecdotal details about the rise and fall of Bannon, including the overlapping details of the path from Goldman Sachs, 9/11, Breitbart, Palin, 2016 and the current crazy-making of the Donald. Not covered are the electronic overlaps between Bannon and the work of Cambridge Analytica in Brexit and in the US 2016 election. If nothing else #TrumpRussia is about command/control and chaos, but competence not so much.

Another interesting week … if the reports are true, the Mercers will be installing Bannon as head of The Heritage Foundation upon his exit from the WH.




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4 Responses to PBS Frontline … on Bannonism, the lowest stage of crony capitalism

  1. Things are heating up. A man found dead on a Miami beach last Wednesday has been identified as Assistant US Attorney Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. Preliminary investigation indicates a gunshot wound to the head. His body was in the water, which obscured whether he was killed on the beach, or if he was murdered somewhere else, and his body dumped there.

    Whisenant was assigned to the major crimes division of the Miami office of the United States Attorney. He was 37 years old.

    It is safe to say that in addition to Miami and Broward County law enforcement, the FBI is going to be on this case like white on snow.


    • ann summers says:

      whoa …. Assistant US Attorney …

      • There is a chance it was simply a street crime, so we gotta be careful about going full on Alex Jones until the autopsy and crime scene investigation are complete; however, I am not taking bets.

        This one does not pass the smell test.

      • The Miami office of the US attorney has jurisdictions over civil and criminal matters between Key West and Fort Pierce. For those not familiar with Florida geography, look it up on the map. That area includes Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. There are certain resorts and golf clubs within that area of jurisdiction that may be of interest.

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