‘No WH Tapes’ means witless tampering … If Trump fires Robert Mueller, it will be game over.

By ann summers

Sic Semper Stochastic … the only reliable thing coming is more delaying of justice as it’s within Trump’s ability to pardon his minions as well as firing Mueller even if there’s no viable reason to do it. The first step of this could be stopping Sessions from testifying tomorrow using Executive Privilege, triggering more potential delays.

Or maybe Russians are pooping in the hallway, fabricating versions of tapes…


So the Cabinet meeting of testimonials to Trump’s greatness wasn’t some strange loyalty pledge ceremony meant to leverage against 25th Amendment solutions…


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5 Responses to ‘No WH Tapes’ means witless tampering … If Trump fires Robert Mueller, it will be game over.

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    Occupant IS a crook. Comparing him to Julius Caesar is an insult to CAESAR.

    Julius Caesar was a megalomaniac, but he was a COMPETENT megalomaniac.

  2. Terry Welshans says:

    Nixon’s tape recording system was installed by Alexander P Butterfield. Before Nixon resigned in disgrace, facilitated by Butterfield’s recording system tapes, he went on to become Nixon’s Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. Butterfield was an Air Force fighter pilot and had flown with the ‘Sky Blazers’ aerobatic demonstration team, a forerunner of the ‘Thunderbird’ demonstration team we have today.
    Ironically, Mr. Butterfield’s signature, as Administrator, appeared on my 1974 Commercial Pilot certificate.

  3. pete says:

    The only problem I have with the Trump Russian hookers story is that as hookers they would have to be paid to do what I’ve heard they did. I know of too many people who would gladly do it for free, on fire or not.

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