The RNC has new #TrumpRussia talking points for a developing obstruction investigation

 By ann summers

​New GOP talking points have emerged to address news of obstruction in the continuing saga of #TrumpRussia’s sub-drama of executive branch corruption. Like the GOP health plan being drafted in secret, Trump never expected to win, much less have his collusion (or his stooges’ collusion) reach the light of day, or oversight.

Collusion, obstruction of justice, perjury; all interesting legal territory, but the crimes are multiple and it’s always about the material incentives, whether influence, reputation, or money and the latter is what it’s about, root of evil stuff.

On January 18, 2017, McClatchy reported that an investigation into “how money may have moved from the Kremlin to covertly help Trump win” had been conducted over several months by six federal agencies: the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Justice Department, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the DNI.[23] The New York Times confirmed this investigation into Carter Page, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone on January 19, 2017, the eve of the presidential inauguration.[139]

A former Bernie volunteer shooting up a Congressional baseball practice won’t divert attention from the WaPo news that #TrumpRussia continues and that there are multiple avenues of investigation in multiple states. The Strategy of Tension continues as multi-dimensional, multi-networked states of occasional targeted elections, more frequent marketing of media products, and the financial capital circulation that makes regime change worthwhile.


The United States Intelligence Community has concluded with high confidence that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.[1] A January 2017 assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) stated that Russia favored presidential candidate Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered an “influence campaign” to harm Clinton’s electoral chances and “undermine public faith in the US democratic process”.[2]The RNC talking points exhibit the strangeness and unidimensional nature of GOP logic (and oh so flawed) but amusing in how (House of Cards) nested some of the falsehoods appear, as well as the ignorance of Reality (Winner). Collusion and obstruction exist on multiple levels and in multiple domains both financial and informational.

The advantage for capitalism is that the Russians won’t reveal information unless it serves their interests, which are still based on protecting their US collaborators. Because it’s still all about the money. For some the IC might be the real danger, but for now it is performing some maintenance or self-regulation because one player got ‘jacked by a psychopath.


The authors of the 2006 book about psychopathy in the workplace, Snakes in Suits describe a five phase model of how a typical workplace psychopath climbs to and maintains power. In phase three (manipulation) – the psychopath will create a scenario of “psychopathic fiction” where positive information about themselves and negative disinformation about others will be created, where your role as a part of a network of pawns or patrons will be utilised and you will be groomed into accepting the psychopath’s agenda.[34]


Yes, the real issues, Americans getting ripped off by richer Americans, because rather than justice, that’s what law is for… orange litigation magnets … and there just isn’t as much interest in all those dead Russians …

While the Department of Justice will not indict a sitting President, once Mueller’s charges are prepared, they will land in the hands of Congress, who will then face tremendous public pressure to impeach Donald Trump so he can then face federal criminal charges. After James Comey’s testimony, Republican Party and Trump have maneuvered forcefully to spin that the President is not under FBI investigation.…


shifting ownership under sanctions … shell corporation shell-games, then land and fossil-fuel


Pope Francis criticized disinformation in a 2016 interview, after previously being the subject of a fake news website — during the 2016 U.S. election cycle he was falsely said to support Donald Trump.[36][37][38] He said the worst thing the media could do was spread disinformation, that it was a sin,[39][40] comparing those who spread disinformation to individuals who engage in coprophilia.[41][42]

On June 1, 2017, Putin told journalists in St. Petersburg that “patriotically minded” Russian hackers could have been responsible for the cyberattacks against the U.S. during the 2016 campaign, while continuing to deny government involvement. Putin said that hackers “are like artists” stating: “If they are patriotically minded, they start making their contributions — which are right, from their point of view — to the fight against those who say bad things about Russia.


Putin continued to deny Russian government involving, stating, “We’re not doing this on the state level.”[324] Putin’s comments echoed similar remarks that he had made earlier the same week to the French newspaper Le Figaro.[324]

The shift in Russia’s stance mirrored Russia’s shift of public positions on the 2014 annexation of Crimea and conflict in eastern Ukraine: Putin at first categorically denied the involvement of Russian troops, but months later admitted that Russian forces had “of course” taken part.[324]

The line between state and non-state actors in Russian influence efforts abroad is unclear: “Nominally private Russian citizens have fought alongside Russian-speaking rebels in eastern Ukraine and have taken part in various campaigns to advance Moscow’s agenda in Eastern and Central Europe.”[324]…


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1 Response to The RNC has new #TrumpRussia talking points for a developing obstruction investigation

  1. Dolt45™ had been planning to fire Mueller. Even Bannon was reportedly against that move. However, seeing the possibility coming, Senators Warner and Burr preemptively named the Occupant as the target of the investigation. That took care of that problem.

    If a target makes any move to interfere with an ongoing investigation, that is prima facie obstruction of justice. It is exactly the charge that brought Nixon down. For all his faults, Nixon was a smart lawyer. He knew the legal implications of obstruction, so he resigned in what was basically a plea bargain deal with Gerald Ford. The current occupant is not a lawyer; in addition, he isn’t even close to being as smart as Nixon or Ford.

    I read that current and former TLA heads are being called to testify. That includes head of the NSC, Lt. Gen. McMaster. When summoned by the Special Prosecutor, one must attend.

    At any hearing, there are only two choices. Answer the question, or take the 5th. Refusing to answer at all is not an option. Lie and it is a felony. Take the 5th and automatically lose all security clearances, immediately.

    If one says during testimony, “I don’t recall,” as Sessions did in the hearing, it can often be proven to be perjury. If they catch him “recalling” in private or public conversations immediately before or after a hearing, it is proof that “don’t recall” is/was perjury. A felony.

    Our agencies cannot monitor American citizens on US soil; however, there are ways around that proscription. The first is to get a court order, if there is probable cause. Second, if an agency is monitoring a foreign national and they contact a US citizen, then that exchange may be caught and recorded.

    As the TV pitchman says, “But wait, there’s more!” ‘Five Eyes’ network from our allies is not subject to US laws regarding tapping or monitoring US persons. They can share that information with our law enforcement and intelligence agencies as they see fit.

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