ON THIS DAY: July 23, 2017

July 23rd is

Hot Enough For Ya Day

Drowning Prevention Day

Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Parents’ Day

International Yada, Yada, Yada Day


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World Festivals and National Holidays

Rastafarian – Birth of Haile Selassie

Armenia – Vardavar (Feast of
Transfiguration/Astghhik water goddess)

Egypt – Revolution Day

Indonesia – Children’s Day

Oman – Renaissance Day

Papua New Guinea – Remembrance Day

Switzerland – Verbier:
Veribier Classical Festival

United Kingdom – Herefordshire,
West Midlands: Nozstock Hidden Valley Festival


On This Day in HISTORY

636 – Arab Muslims gain control of most of Palestine from the Byzantine Empire

1401 – Francesco Sforza born, Italian condottiere and duke of Milan

1599 – Caravaggio’s first public commission, St. Matthew paintings in Contarelli Chapel

The Calling of St. Matthew – Caravaggio

1721 –  Anna Dorothea Therbusch born in Germany,  Polish Rococo painter; elected to the Stuttgart Academy of the Arts, the Bologna Academy, the Académie Royale in Paris, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

1773 – Sir Thomas Brisbane born, English soldier and astronomical observer

1775 – Étienne-Louis Malus born, French officer, engineer, physicist and mathematician whose field was the study of light


1828 – Sir Jonathan Hutchinson born, Quaker physician-surgeon; focused on the human nervous system, and sexual diseases among the poor; traveled in Africa and Asia, bringing back animal specimens, minerals and fossils; opened an “education museum” with a reading room and library, where he gave lectures on scientific topics

1829 – William Austin Burt gets U.S. patent for typographer (typewriter precursor)

1840 – Union Act passed by British Parliament, uniting Upper and Lower Canada

1844 – Harriet Williams Russell Strong born, American activist, inventor, conservationist and a leader in the early women’s movement

1886 – Sir Arthur Whitten Brown born, English aviator; co-captain of the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic

1888 – Raymond Chandler born, American author of detective stories

1889 – Anna Akhmatova born, Ukrainian-Russian poet and author

1889 – Verena Holmes born, English engineer

1891 – Harry Cohn born, American Movie Studio Executive; Columbia Pictures

1892 – Haile Selassie I born, Emperor of Ethiopia (1930-1974)


1900 – Julia Davis Adams born, American author, social worker, journalist and playwright, known for historical and biographical novels, young adult books, and dramas; used the pen name F. Draco for Murray Hill mystery novels

1903 –  Ford Motor Company sells its first car, a Model A

1904 – Ice cream cone possibly invented at St. Louis World Fair by Charles Menches

1907 – Elspeth Joscelin Grant Huxley born, British writer, journalist, broadcaster, magistrate and environmentalist; author of 30 books, best known are those based on her childhood on a Kenyan coffee farm

1908 – Elio Vittorini born, Italian novelist, translator and literary critic


1914 – Austria-Hungary demands Serbia let them control Arch Duke Ferdinand’s assassination investigation– Serbia mostly accedes, but Austria will declare war July 28

1920 – British East Africa renamed Kenya, becomes a crown colony

1921 – The Communist Party of China (CPC) formed at a national congress

1926 – Fox Films buys Movietone sound system patents for recording sound on film


1928 – Michael Shaara born, American author and academic, best known for his American Civil War novels, The Killer Angels, which won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and The Last Full Measure

1929 – The Fascist government of Italy bans the use of foreign words, especially French and English words and phrases – if there wasn’t an Italian word, they would Italianize the foreign word – Barolo (Italian) for Bordeaux (French)

1936 – The Social and Communist parties of Catalonia, Spain, merge into the United Socialist Party of Catalonia

1942 – Germany opens Treblinka extermination camp

1952 – Egyptian King Farouk overthrown by Free Officers Movement

1961 – The Sandinista National Liberation Front is founded in Nicaragua

1962 – Telstar relays the first publicly transmitted, live trans-Atlantic television program, featuring Walter Cronkite.

1965 – Bob Dylan releases “Like a Rolling Stone”

1967 – Rioting erupts in Detroit Michigan; after police arrest 85 black people at an unlicensed bar, a crowd gathers and begins throwing rocks and bottles

1976 – Judit Polgár born, Hungarian Grandmaster in chess, considered the strongest woman player of all time

1977 – Foreigner releases “Cold As Ice”

1979 – Electric Light Orchestra dedicated release of “Don’t Bring Me Down” to Skylab

1982 – International Whaling Commission votes for 1985 total commercial whaling ban

1995 – Comet Hale–Bopp is discovered; it becomes visible to the naked eye on Earth nearly a year later

1999 – Colonel Eileen Collins is first woman to command U.S. shuttle mission, STS-93

2001 – Megawati Sukarnoputri becomes the first female president of Indonesia after the President Abdurrahman Wahid is removed from office. She is given day-to-day control of the government beginning in August 2000 and served as President from July 2001 to October 2004, but loses in the 2004 election.

2003 – The Massachusetts’ attorney general issues a report that clergy others in the Boston Archdiocese likely sexually abused more than 1,000 people over six decades

2015 – NASA Kepler mission announces discovery of earth-like planet, Kepler-452b

2016 – Voters in the UK vote 52% to 48% to leave the European Union


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