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I have owned and operated a few businesses over the last 60 years, and I have studied business law, drawn contracts and agreements, but do not have an advanced degree. I have taught as an adjunct professor at a college in Chicago, teaching prospective business owners how to get started. The class was called Entrepreneurial thinking.



That being said, I have thought about what Donnie Two Scoops has said and done in response to all the bad news he is getting, and I am proposing a theory on why he is doing so.

He claims to be a businessman, but I believe he is really a salesman. To a salesman, bad news is a public relations problem that is fixed by flooding the outlets with an overwhelming volume of news releases and ads to push the value of your product in such a way it drowns out the bad news.  By flooding the audience with your version of the truth, the reader/viewer forgets about the bad news. This is basic propaganda – dilution of the opposing viewpoint.

I believe that he sees every speck of bad news as a PR opportunity to throw good light on his message. He has said any publicity is good publicity, as he believes that his pushing 10 times the volume of his version wipes the bad news.

Then, we must consider why he seems to have no knowledge of or concern for the criminal charges that are looming over him. Simple. Just ignore it, like any other bad news and it goes away. Any legal problems he has had in the past have always been passed to his legal staff who either pay the piper or drown the opponent in legal fees beyond their ability to pay. No problem. Just a business expense, and it is a tax deduction for his business.

But this is different, and he has not been able to process that, as it is a new experience for him. He is denying and ignoring, and hitting back with a typical PR tactic of flooding the press to make it shrink from sight. He thinks he can change public opinion with his PR. That won’t work. The people reading his PR are not the people who are onto him, and the Feds don’t care about his PR show. In fact, he is feeding more data into their net and adding to his charges daily. For example, today WAPO says he wrote JR’s news release on the way home from Germany, saying it was about adoptions.

The funny(?)  thing is that It was about adoptions when you consider that the Russians stopped adoptions to the west as they reacted to sanctions in the Magnitsky Act. The meeting was really about sanctions, using the code word ‘adoptions’ as cover. The Russians were offering dirt on HRC in exchange for a promise to reduce or eliminate those sanctions.

Faux news is helping him cope by not giving him the bad news – he may be completely unaware how much trouble he is in as he seems to only parrot what they say about the fake news, as if it was just bad PR.

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I grew up in Burbank, California. My dad worked at a company that made sub assemblies for about every airplane made in the 1960-1970 era, so it was only natural that the aviation bug bit me while I was quite young. I hold a commercial pilot certificate and fly as much as I can. I live in Bardstown, Kentucky with my wife, moving here after we retired. I am a Vietnam veteran and a cancer survivor. I like to keep politicians honest, and do so when they open an avenue where I feel they have erred.
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5 Responses to Nothing Personal. Just Business

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    Hi Terry –

    I think you’re on to something – and it just reinforces that Occupant is completely unqualified to sit in the Oval Office – he has no idea how to do the job, or even WHAT THE JOB IS.

    Any naturalized American citizen knows more about the office of President of the United States and the U.S. Federal government than he does.

  2. I see that Mr. Mueller, aka Bobby Three Sticks, has hired the sixteenth new prosecutor. This time it is Greg Andres, a superspecialist in prosecuting illegal foreign bribery.

    Wonder if anyone in the West Wing has had the nerve to tell the Occupant? And if so, would he understand the implications?

    In a twist of irony, he may have just hired his own future supervisor today. General Mark S. Inch has been appointed to run the Bureau of Prisons. I am reasonably certain the Occupant and his spawn will enjoy the hospitality offered by General Inch’s government public housing.

    General Inch is certainly qualified. He is a qualified corrections officer. He completed professional certification with the American Correctional Association (ACA) and was the first member to earn the Certified Corrections Executive (CCE) designation with Honor.

    He commanded the 194th MP Company, Heilbronn, FRG; Area Confinement facility, Fort Ord, CA;
    705th MP Battalion, United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, KS;
    Commandant/Commander, United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, KS;
    Deputy Provost Marshal General/Commander, Army Corrections Command, Washington, DC;
    Commandant, United States Army Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO;
    Commander, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, (OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM, AFGHANISTAN).

    • Terry Welshans says:

      The logistics of this amazes me in its complexity. With a matrix of specialists that can be combined as needed for each charge there must be a symphony unfolding behind the curtain. Even the cheap seats will have more than enough entertainment. My hope is the crowd watching this exceeds Donnie Two Scoops wildest dreams.

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