This week in 45* – will President Gasfeuerzeug, a.k.a. David Dennison, fire Mueller?

By ann summers


No longer “if” but when, because Mighty Mango is running out of options.

Amusing is how the “interview” (or its possibility) currently functions as a buffer against the firing, simply because of the motives of 45*’s lawyers to keep getting paid. As if you could convince the entire investigation to go away as a condition of the interview, because what what Lord Dampnut says is always “the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him Stormy and her rolled up magazine”.

One sidebar comes from leaks again yakking about Red Lines and Mueller furthering the investigation into Trump Organization finances. There is no such line.

We’re way past that, considering there’s ample evidence that SIL Kushner was using his “diplomacy” travel to work on his financial portfolio.

And then there’s issues unrelated to the Steele Dossier, even if you’re an ideological idiot insisting on the “Fake Dossier”.

All that Nunes obstruction and disinformation work only reinforced the factual elements and now makes the Minority Report even more… democratic.

And then there’s all these naked violations of emolument laws, not to mention the naked Commandment violations. It’s enough to make you want to install a big block of granite somewhere on public property.

The thing is, he should have thought of that when he (probably) OK’d the contact between the “Russian Orphanage” folks and those guys now in the indictment barrel in Trump Tower in June 2016. Sins of the son, as if Agent Orange could resist eavesdropping on the meeting from his office one floor above.

This Lawfare story is important to read just to get some of the legal issues when the Mueller firing comes

ugh the regulation and fire Mueller himself, would DOJ or Mueller accept the termination or instead challenge and litigate the purported removal? That litigation would be … interesting.


desperate for GOP support, trying to discredit evidence from registered Republicans

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2 Responses to This week in 45* – will President Gasfeuerzeug, a.k.a. David Dennison, fire Mueller?

  1. pete says:

    “He lied as shown clearly on @foxandfriends.”

    We have a president who uses a morning entertainment show with three morons on a couch as an intelligence source.

    I thought “Idiocracy” was just a movie.

  2. The President of the United States knows that he is cornered by Mueller.

    If he lies he's screwed.

    If he tells the truth he's screwed.

    If he pleads the 5th he's screwed.

    His only option is to try and shut down the investigation and he WILL try.

    That's a guarantee!—

    Brian Krassenstein🐬 (@krassenstein) March 18, 2018

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