fascist cosplay in NYC adds a RW mob attacking protesters

By ann summers


The investigation of a street fight among RW supporters of Gavin McInnes and counter-demonstrators continues in NYC. Two separate events occurred after a GOP club speech using a plastic samurai sword to commemorate the assassination of a Japanese socialist.

The city police department released surveillance video Monday showing part of one brawl near the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side. The club had invited Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, as a guest speaker.

The NYPD released the surveillance video of the fight Monday after it faced criticism for not making more arrests Friday night. That led to speculation the department did not have the resources it needed to respond to the violence. The NYPD contested that and said 48 officers were on the scene Friday with the primary mission to keep the two sides apart, arguing the police presence was more than adequate.

When asked why police officers did not make arrests on the spot at one of the fights, officials said everyone involved in the brawl dispersed when two to three officers on scooters arrived.

But in a conference call with reporters, Andrew Cuomo said McInnes was invited by Republicans who knew there was the potential for violence.

“The state Republican Party organized this. They may be trying to lie about it today, but they can’t because it’s in writing and it’s clear,” the governor said. “I called for, and I repeat today, for every Republican elected official to repudiate the Proud Boys.”


Little attention has been paid to the Gavin McInnes skit at this event, representing the 1960 assassination of a Japanese socialist leader by a RW teenager, because no one seems to think such an event could be seen as a provocation or incitement to any violence.

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes to Republican NYC club: “You need us foot soldiers … We have a lot in common … We both want Trump to do well” https://t.co/0tpAiJvayW pic.twitter.com/o6DvfRg9tm

— Media Matters (@mmfa) October 16, 2018

Gavin McInnes: “At the very least, people of the right, let us scum in. You need us foot soldiers. You need us disgusting rude jerks because outside of the swears and the drugs and the violence, quite a list actually, outside of all the things you disagree with, we have a lot in common. What we have in common is we both want America to prosper. We both want Trump to do well.”

One assumes that the NYPD intelligence unit knows about Gavin McInnes and the NYC activities of his Masturbationsabteilungwhere the Proud Boys groom teenage recruits no differently than their SA progenitors.

This is a pattern of how such attacks occur, away from the event venue, when police presence is diminished. Fog of street war.

Apparently McInnes, by performing a Japanese assassination skit, harbors Yukio Mishima fantasies, considering the Proud Boys functions like a “Shield Society”. We’ll know when Gavin gets passed over for a Nobel Prize in Literature, because there’s always a Kawabata around to score the hardware, or maybe Gavin will settle for the apotheosis of god-emperor Lord Dampnut.

One assumes the US Secret Service is also paying attention to such RW assassination fantasies.

This week, McInnes promised that, during his Metropolitan Club appearance, he’d re-enact the “inspiring moment” a Japanese socialist was killed. He was escorted into the clubhouse by police on Friday, apparently carrying a (plastic) Samurai sword.

Asked prior to the event whether the Metropolitan Club had any misgivings about providing a platform to someone like McInnes, board chairman Ian Reilly told Gothamist, “He is part of the right. We promote people and ideas of all kinds from the right. We’re open to different views. We would never invite anyone who would incite violence.”



Yasushi NagaoSeventeen-year-old Otoya Yamaguchi uses a foot-long sword to kill Japan Socialist Party leader Inejiro Asanuma on a public stage in Tokyo during a live televised debate on October 12, 1960. Still wearing his school uniform, the young ultranationalist smiled as police hauled him away.
Yamaguchi had been a member of the Great Japan Patriotic Society — an extreme right-wing group that vehemently opposed both Communism and Westernization. Approximately 100 members of the organization had attended the debate and could be heard heckling Asanuma throughout his speech. allthatsinteresting.com/…

Friday night, he brought a sword to his speech at the Republican club and performed a dramatic reenactment of what he described as an “inspiring moment” in history — the assassination of Japanese socialist leader Inejiro Asanuma by a teenage ultranationalist. As he left the venue, he brandished the samurai blade in the street for good measure. (NYPD said the sword was plastic.)

As first reported by the SPLC on Saturday, at least three ultranationalist skinheads, including one who runs a hate music label in New York, were among the group that carried out the attacks. One video of the attack showed a man screaming, “Faggot!” as he kicked a person curled up on the pavement. Another video showed a man describing his beating victim as “a fucking foreigner.”





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