TCS: The Moon – Taimane Playing for Change

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Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance

– Van Morrison


After a somewhat sleep-deprived weekend, I was looking for some soothing music and a bit of inspiration for today’s post. Normally, I don’t think of the ukulele as either soothing or inspirational, but this video shows that music is sometimes more about the music maker than it is about the instrument they play.



A little more moon inspiration:


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4 Responses to TCS: The Moon – Taimane Playing for Change

  1. Terry Welshans says:

    We have spent the last few days with our grandchildren at Disneyworld. This year we met them and their parents at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a delightful meal at the ‘Boma Flavors of Africa’ restaurant. It is a buffet style dining experience with the most fabulous collection of African-inspired food I have ever seen, and every dish I sampled tickled my palate dead on. The grandkids were spending all their energy on eating – a rare thing for a 5 and 7-year-old in an eatery of any kind. Now, this is not an advert for the place, but a strong recommendation to go there if Disneyworld is on your bucket list.

    • wordcloud9 says:

      So glad you had a great time!

      None of the Disneys are on my bucket list – I don’t do well trapped in large crowds and lots of noise.

      Good thing that not everybody enjoys the same things – not only would that be really boring, but imagine the traffic jams!

      • Terry Welshans says:

        The goodness is wearing thin. It is a lot of fun to interact with the youngsters as they grow, but they live only an hour or so from us in Kentucky, so we do see them often. Here, there is a lot of walking, lots of people, and lots of traffic – people and vehicles. Mobility issues are making this less enjoyable from what it was a few years ago, so we may reconsider another venue next year. I want to head over to the North of France to the ancestral home of my 8th grandparents, the small village of Kirrberg, in the Alsace region right on the German border.

        • wordcloud9 says:

          Sympathies on the mobility issues from my arthritic knees.

          The trip to Kirrberg sounds like a terrific idea.

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