Poem for Easter Sunday in a Plague Year

Lourdes Casal (1938-1981) was born in Cuba. She became an American citizen in 1962. She was an American poet and critic. She was also an organizer and activist, and earned a PhD in social work (1975). Casal was internationally known for her contributions to psychology, and for her efforts to build bridges between the Cuban-American community, other Americans, and Cuba. Author of El caso Padilla: literatura y revolucion en Cuba (The Padilla Case: literature and revolution in Cuba). Beginning in 1977, Casal, who was diabetic, began to experience renal dysfunction and began dialysis treatment. Though she continued trips to and from Cuba in her attempts to serve as a bridge between Cubans and Cuban-Americans, her health was in decline. In 1981, Casal died at age 41 in Havana from complications of her illnesses. She was the first Cuban-American to receive the Casa de las Américas Prize, awarded to her posthumously in 1981.

To read Lourdes Casal’s poem Now I Know,  please click:

“Now I Know” from Breaking The Silences: an Anthology of 20th-century Poetry by Cuban Women – Pulp Press (1982)

Please keep yourself and your family safe and sane, even at a distance.

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