We are not dead yet! FfS lives on…

After considerable discussion, we have decided to keep Flowers for Socrates going. The pandemic helped fuel this decision.

I personally have a number of posts in the can, so to speak, and will now start publishing on a regular basis.

Site administrators will be reorganizing the site in the near future to provide more variety, and get back to our roots of producing human interest stories, introducing more quality writers, and perhaps some artists for added content of visual interest.

Keep watching this site for developments.

Thanks for reading.

About Chuck Stanley

Dr. Charlton (Chuck) Stanley is a board certified forensic psychologist, with interests in aviation psychology, peace officer selection and training, ethics and communication skills.
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7 Responses to We are not dead yet! FfS lives on…

  1. BigFatMike says:

    Well wonderful. What would be do without FFS?

    Not the most dedicated follower, but I have been dropping in from time to time since FFS broke off from that other web site – yeah I still drop into that other site, too.

    Happy holidays to everyone and lets hope we have a much better 2021 with much more to read on FFS!

    • Thanks Mike. We plan on a variety of (hopefully) interesting subject matter. Still looking for a few quality writers who can post original material at least once a month. We can’t let Nona do all the work.

  2. suitable says:

    YAY! GREAT news! I’m looking forward to some old and some new – I’m sure it all will be great.

  3. rafflaw says:

    Welcome Back FFS! 🙂

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