A Poem for Worship of Tools Day

March 11 is Worship of Tools Day.

 Dave Bonta, self-described ‘digital poet’ says he often suffers from imposter syndrome, but not in a bad way — more like some kind of flower-breathing dragon, pot-bellied and igneous. He is the author of Mountain: An Elegy; Breakdown: Banjo Poems; Words on the Street: An Inaction Comic; and Odes to Tools. Bonta is also the editor and publisher of Moving Poems, a webzine showcasing poetry videos.

To read Dave Bonta’s poem, “Ode to a Claw Hammer” click:

Ode to a Claw Hammer

by Dave Bonta

Back when all angels were male,
the hammer was the first
perfect androgyne.

Mounted on a pegboard,
it still looks almost aerodynamic,
poor thing.

This is no claw, but a pair of legs
strong enough between them
to give birth to nails.

Or rails that forgot to run parallel,
converging on a vanishing point
that’s much too close:

the train’s stuck in station
& the hammer keeps trying to hop
on its one flat foot.

“Ode to a Claw Hammer” from Ode to Tools, © 2010 by Dave Bonta – Phoenicia Publishing

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3 Responses to A Poem for Worship of Tools Day

  1. rafflaw says:

    I have to admit that the less time spent with a tool in my hand, the better! 🙂

    • wordcloud9 says:

      LOL – I CAN use basic tools, and I have swung a few hammers in my day, but I would rather read poetry about them

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