A Poem and Two Mysteries for Frog Jumping Day

There are some minor mysteries in life which may remain forever unsolved.

May 13 is Frog Jumping Day, which would seem to be connected to Mark Twain’s short story “The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” However, there was only one connection I could find between the short-story which may have inspired somebody to start this day, and the date of May 13. The premiere production of Lukas Foss’ mini-opera, The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, which is based on Mark Twain’s short story, was in its final week of rehearsals. Lukas Foss’ opera actually opened on May 18, 1950.

‘Aunt Effie’ was a pen name. There is debate about whether she was Jane Euphemia Saxby (1811-1898), or Ann Jackson Hawkshaw (1812-1885).

To read Aunt Effie’s poem, “The Chorus of the Frogs” click:

The Chorus of the Frogs

by Aunt Effie

“Yaup, yaup, yaup,”
Said the croaking voice of a Frog;
“A rainy day
In the month of May,
And plenty of room in the bog.”

“Yaup yaup yaup,”
Said the Frog, as it hopped away;
“The insects feed
On the floating weed,
And I’m hungry for dinner to-day

“Yaup, yaup, yaup,”
Said the Frog as it splashed about;
“Good neighbours all,
When you hear me call,
It is odd that you do not come out.”

“Yaup, yaup, yaup,”
Said the Frogs; “it is charming weather;
We’ll come and sup
When the moon is up,
And we’ll all of us croak together.”

“The Chorus of the Frogs” from Aunt Effie’s Rhymes: For Little Children, published in 1860

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