A Prince of Darkness and Election Fraudits

by IRENE FOWLER, Contributor


Democracy is like the sun;
it reaches and touches every individual.

– Irene Fowler


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Even though we are helpless to change things on a macro scale, we can in our own small ways, align with love and the positive. As we contribute our quota, we are building towards a critical mass which can force change/s for good.

Something has fundamentally changed in the world when one of the leaders of the European Union mentions the American president among the top threats to European unity, along with Russian aggression, radical Islamic terrorism, and civil wars in the Middle East. On Tuesday, European Council President Donald Tusk did just that.” 

Uri Friedman,  The Atlantic – January 31, 2017

Despite the recently announced results of the Trump-led Arizona ‘fraudit,’ which confirmed the election win of Biden, by an even greater margin; the sham audits are becoming insidiously and heinously, baked into an otherwise painstaking, legitimate, national electoral process. In other words, fraudits have been mainlined into the US domestic body politic; and by necessary implication, the global body-politic. The upshot is that the juggernaut, comprised of democratic nations, aka the free world, has been brutally injected in the jugular, with massive doses of crippling, anaesthetizing, life threatening, poisons.

These egregious aberrations based on the bogus, callous, concoction of the big compound lie, of ‘election fraud’ and a ‘stolen presidency.’ are not without grave ramifications for the world at large. The global fall-out of these open-crimes against democracy, perpetrated in the world’s oldest and most powerful democratic nation, are yet to be seen. The intended outcome of the Machiavellian ploy, is to dienfranchise immensely vast swaths of lawful voters. The injury will be most severe in cobbled- together, hobbled and/or fragile democracies, such as exist in Africa, and other developing regions, of the planet.

The unabated ‘crowning act’ of Trump’s sinister leadership, is his criminal and traitorous attempt, to purloin for himself, a kingdom, and a throne, out of thin air. Unfortunately, there are real world conequences, as would-be dictators are waiting in the wings, watching a master class in political depravity and usurpation; and bad actors will not hesitate to follow his cue. Trump-styled fraudits will not end well for humanity.


Election Fraudits

by Irene Fowler

A Prince of darkness wails
To the loser belongs the spoils
War on truth and reality
Reality and truth decapitated
A solution in search of a problem
No problem, election fraud will do
Summon faithless foot soldiers
Angry, seething, and mad
Bedlam and anarchy let loose
Anti-democracy armada
Sailing on a fiery sea of lies
Deception, subterfuge, conspiracies
Elevated, gasoline-doused, and ignited
Waves of feral traitors swell the mob
Proud Boys, 3 Percenters, Oath Keepers
Sacks of grievance and hate
Salivate, sniff the air for blood
Growl, howl, and bare incisors
Barking out, election fraud
Forked-tongued political leaders
Hiss, spit, spew out venom
Slither, slide, uncoil to strike
At the heart of democracy
Mainline their poison
Coursing through society’s veins
Election fraud, the new drug
Dark money and media merge
Stealth assassins
Fund the big lie, crown the chaos
Apex jungle predators
Stalk, ambush, and attack
The life-force of democracy
Election fraud the perfect weapon
Myanmar falls to a military coup
Justified, is the new default
No surprise; election fraud
To nerve-wracking, worldwide dismay
Democracy flails, grotesquely mocked
Princes of darkness, occlude and block
Democracy’s brighter days.

© 2020 by Irene Fowler



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