An Ode To Lost Love

by IRENE FOWLER, Contributor

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An Ode To Lost Love

by Irene Fowler

You left me, or was it I, who left you
Things are murky; the foggy truth, of our rosy, hopeful, and complex story
You were effortlessly disarming, a love-blest-crowned Prince Charming
Both of us, hopeless romantics; dispelling any notions, found wanting or jarring
Your assuring presence, as comforting as drops of morning dew
Causing me to behold a world; charmed, bright and new
For you; my every wish was your command and delight
To me; you were my orbit, and I was your dedicated, spirited, satellite
You were my rabbit’s foot, my three-leaf clover
Ours was a warming tale of overcoming love, destined, never to be over
Ahead of us a life of forever, idyllic, bliss
How did it go so terribly wrong, and amiss.


Ours was a Cleopatra and Mark Anthony fascination; a celebrated epic
When, where, and how did it turn; become lacklustre and apathetic
Our confused, mixed-up, wiring, short-circuiting; sparking blasts and blowouts
The numbing, deafening silence between us, growing longer, amid, the screams and shouts
It must have been a slow-moving, burn-out and frazzle
Conversation, quips, private jokes, laughter and smiles; no longer dazzled
Generous, kind, selfless, unsolicited acts of caring and devotion
Replaced by angst, pent-up anger and soul-destroying recriminations
Adieu, farewell, be well; stand tall albeit, the bruising, heart-rending fall
Better to have loved, and lost, than never to have loved at all.

© 2022 by Irene Fowler




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  1. Love is complicated that way, sometimes–but you do an elegant job in expressing it.

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