Why Doesn’t the Sun Bleed

by IRENE FOWLER, Contributor

Even the Sun directs our gaze away from
itself and to the life illumined by it.
─ Eberhard Arnold

The Sun himself is weak when he first rises and
gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.
─ Charles Dickens

The day of the Sun is like the day of a king.
It is a promenade in the morning,
a sitting on the throne at noon,
a pageant in the evening.
  ─ Wallace Stevens

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Why Doesn’t the Sun Bleed

by Irene Fowler

Scary, cruel or unjust; If it bleeds it leads
The daily gospel of major news-feeds
Ergo; if the sun is life, and life is blood
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


Streets of rivers of spilled blood
Hazmat, clean up crews at the ready
For a grim job all too dependable and steady
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


When soldiers on deadly battlefields
Empty their life’s finite red pool
Every human a priceless, precious, jewel
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


If the rain pours down unstopped
And the snow falls in perfect drops
While, huge, angry hailstones, shell and shock
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


Ruthless world leaders; all mad-clowns
Flaunt their vile, reprobate crowns
Self-aggrandize, yet masses choke, splutter and drown
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


Depraved, cankered, greedy capitalism
In lockstep with odious, vile despotism
Stoking toxic flames of concocted schism, tribalism and racism
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


Polar bears skating on melting, fragile ice-sheets
Monarch butterflies, unable to aptly breed
Red pandas, white rhinos, lions, tigers; precious species impeded
Why doesn’t the sun bleed.


Divine authority and life force
The supreme cosmic power
Royal orb of splendour and brightness
And watcher of humanity
Why doesn’t the blood-red sun bleed?


© 2022 by Irene Fowler

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2 Responses to Why Doesn’t the Sun Bleed

  1. Timely. Good poems and the thought of the sun weeping with blood so accurately. It is a pity that in the world then pandem, then war Maybe the world decided to self-destruct and is now looking for the cause.

    • Irene Fowler says:

      Thank you Natalja. Your remarks are indeed food for thought.
      Kind regards,

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