Women: The Force, The Flame, and The Furore

by IRENE FOWLER, Contributor

Again, it is up to women who bear the unrelenting, diabolical, yoke of callous/inhumane misogyny to rise up and fight. Women are engaged in bare-knuckled, in-the-mud, trench warfare, against unjust and cruel calcified patriarchal systems. These seen and unseen self-sacrificial, courageous battles to put down draconian, medieval laws and mores, in order to gain basic, inalienable rights are nothing short of heroic.

The fact that women are still facing chronic oppression, despite the stupendous advances achieved in key areas of human development, is an unmitigated tragedy, and a blight on the sanctity and intrinsic value of human life.  Our quest for unconditional equality, and recognition as sentient, sovereign beings, will redound to the benefit of entire humanity – born and unborn.

Whether women are at the vanguard of bold, no-nonsense, action in the corridors of power aka lions’ dens; or laying our lives down in the streets, against brutal sexism ala Iran protests i.e swimming with sharks; or overthrowing the heavy chains of the Dobbs SCOTUS decision, which essentially subjected women to beasts of burden/chattel status; women will rise to the challenge, as per usual.

Women are in the forefront of the fight for the rule of law in the US, and by necessary implication – foundational and imperative tenets of democracy; the absence of which equals an embrace  of lawless and violent authoritarianism.

This leap backward into the dark, netherworld of strong man rule, would spell the end of global democracy. In its place, would be anarchy and the law of the jungle.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ questioning seems to have born belated fruit today when New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has been conducting a civil investigation of former President, Donald Trump’s company, announced a major lawsuit of Trump, three of his adult children and his company over widespread fraud claims, according to CNBC.” – Meryl Ann Butler – OpEd news

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Women: More not Less

by Irene Fowler

Sages and healers, of their inner and outer earthly realms
Incubators of dreams, yet wide-awake and watchful, in a
barbed, stinging universe of misogyny
Deep wells of tenacity, courage and excellence
Towers and pillars of strength and resilience
In myriad ways, sung and unsung endless contributors to
global advancements
Tried, tested, tired, tied hands, hoist the banner of hope and
To be more not less.


Women, the crowning glory of creation, lay at the iron feet of
imperious, hubristic, patriarchal suzerainty
Female autonomy, potential, prowess subjugated to male chauvinism
Women of the world; different faces, diverse battles, one imperative,
timeless, cosmic struggle
Echoes of crusades and conflicts, travel through the annals of history
Legatees of the freedom torch, fiercely, tirelessly, fight on for equality
The scars of warfare, equal, to badges of honour and dedication
To be more, not less.


© 2022 Irene Fowler

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