A Poem for World Pasta Day

World Pasta Day: launched at the World Pasta Congress in Rome in 1995.

Brian Bilston, the unofficial “Poet Laureate of Twitter” is a mystery man – very little is known about him, other than his intense dislike of Jeremy Clarkson. Bilston is the author of the poetry collections You Took the Last Bus Home; Alexa, what is there to know about love?; and 50 Ways to Score a Goal and Other Football Poems. He also wrote Diary of a Somebody, a novel with poetry.

To read Brian Bilston’s poem “Remembrance of Things Pasta” click:


Remembrance of Things Pasta

by Brian Bilston

She blew her fusilli,
my pretty penne,

when she found me watching
daytime tagliatelle.

Je ne spaghetti rien,
I responded in song,

but she did not linguini
for long,

just walked out
without further retort:

a hard lesson to be tortellini,
orzo I thought.

And so here I am
on my macaroni

and now my days
feel cannelloni.

“Remembrance of Things Pasta” from Alexa, what is there to know about love?, © 2021 by Brian Bilston – Picador Poetry


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