Trump, White Supremacy, and the Christian Right

by IRENE FOWLER, Contributor

Donald Trump is an equal opportunity racist, whose hateful, divisive and disingenouous rhetoric is cynically designed to whip up rage, in damaged, grudge-filled individuals.

The disgraced former president is getting his “return on investment.” as the dastardly hate-speech and handiwork of his robotic acolytes, are ratcheting up and raising alarmbells nationwide.

Trump, who is a self-identified “nationalist,” is yet to openly distance himself from the core tenets of the subculture. He has intractably refused to use to use the words “White Nationalism” and at all costs, avoids criticising the heinous ideology; proving he shares a common cause with the group. He has used his platform and megaphone to amplify and mainstream their abhorrent worldviews. The escalating situation is indicative of more grief and greater miasma to come, as the white supremacy movement grows in influence and audacity.

During his tenure as US President and de facto leader of the free world, Trump publicly stated that he did not want any immigration into the US from Africa, South America or Haiti. In doing so, he used an epithet which any decent member of the human race, and/or avowed member of the Christian faith, should repudiate and recoil from.

For the avoidance of doubt and to drive his point home, he went on to make it known that he hankered after immigrants from Scandinavia, a region of the world primarily populated by people of Teutonic ancestry. Trump has vigourously disparaged, and vilified non-Aryan racial groups, at every turn. Lest we forget, one of his early key actions as President was to issue an edict, banning all Muslims from entering the US.

Trump continues to stir up antipathy against certain populations, and his permission strucure will be seized upon by the bottom-feeders in the ranks of white supremacy protagonists, By stitching together the sum effects of his racist pronouncements and proclivities, an ugly, jagged, grimy, tapestry emerges – devoid of  light, beauty, or harmony,

The lines between the white evangelical Christian movement, an integral part of the Trump base, and the white supremacy campaign; can be described as clouded, fluid and out-rightly murky. There is an undeniable level of mutual sympathy and symbiosis, as white Christian evangelical leaders remain radio silent on Trump’s fascistic hate speech, and the tragic consequences which inevitably follow.

This causes one to draw the shocking and unfortunate conclusion, that there is very little daylight between the two groups, leading one to wonder,  if the violent wing of white supremacy is now the militant arm of white Christian evangelicals. It is patently obvious that these adherents have cast their lot in with the High Priest of the dreaded, soul-destroying MAHA (make America hate again) movement –  Donald Trump.


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