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TCS: Talking With Trees

Good Morning! ________________________________________________ Welcome to The Coffee Shop, just for you early risers on Monday mornings. This is an Open Thread forum, so if you have an off-topic opinion burning a hole in your brainpan, feel free to add a … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: NONSENSE

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD If we look behind the mask of Comedy, we will find the face of Tragedy. Laughter may be humanity’s greatest survival skill, a potent weapon against despair and the Unfairness of Life. Today, people in “industrialized … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: MYSTIC

by Nona Blyth Cloud “Abstract Minimalist” — Sometimes the labels that get attached to a poet’s work obscure rather than illuminate. The poet Robert Lax (1915 – 2000) pared down his work and his life to the essentials. Robert Lax dealt … Continue reading

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