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FFS Update: Suggestions and Library

The following language has been added to the Suggestions page: ED. NOTE: The Suggestions Box will be cleared out every three or four months to help maintain its utility.  If the suggestion made hasn’t been followed up by someone by … Continue reading

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OJ Revisited (Introducing the FFS Guest Blogger Program)

Submitted By Blouise ED. NOTE: In Re the FFS Guest Blogger Program It is a great pleasure to announce the first publication under our Guest Blogger Program at FFS. The way this works is simple.  If you have an idea … Continue reading

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Should UNC Get The Real Death Penalty For Academic Fraud?

By Mark Esposito, FFS Contributor This coming Wednesday is a big day in the State of North Carolina. No, it’s not just the anniversary of the election of Gertrude McKee as the state’s first female state senator in 1931, but … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

From all of us at FFS, I’d like to wish all of our posters and other readers a very Happy New Year.  May your 2015 be all that you hope, want, and need it to be and may we all … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays From FFS!

On behalf of myself and all the author/editors here at Flowers for Socrates, we’d like to wish you all a Happy Holidays – no matter your holiday of choice – and thank you all for reading and participating in our … Continue reading

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FFS Update: Rule #1 Refinement

Rule #1 has been refined to better reflect this blogs policy.  It now reads as follows: 1) Civility is encouraged but the Ethic of Reciprocity applies.  If someone gives you insults back for insults given?  That’s just what you deserve.  … Continue reading

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FFS Update: Rule 4 Refinement

Rule #4 has been amended to clarify its relationship to Rules 2 and 3 as follows: b) “Stalking” is “any person who intentionally and repeatedly follows or harasses another person and who makes a credible threat, either expressed or implied, … Continue reading

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