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The beginning of Turner Diaries II(I) or the end of the Bundy insurgency

By ann summers “Avenge me…” the Red Dawn protagonists’ father cries out, and with his passing, will LaVoy Finicum’s legacy be a 2015 novel that could become The Turner Diaries for a new generation of RWNJ.  Finicum’s 241-page apocalyptic cowboy thriller … Continue reading

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NOTICE: Policy Change

To this point, all authors have been required to use their real names in their byline. Going forward and as we add regular feature writers, they will have the same option as Guest Bloggers to use either their real name … Continue reading

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NOTICE: FFS Welcomes a New Author

FFS is pleased to announce the addition of a new weekly feature author to our roster. Nona Blyth Cloud will be writing “Word Cloud”, appearing every Friday. In it she will cover topics ranging from Poetry, Theater, and Books to … Continue reading

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NOTICE: Changes at FFS

There have been some obvious and some not so obvious changes going on here at FFS. First, we’ll address the rumor mill. Second, we’ll address what to expect in the future.

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NOTICE: Trolls

It appears the Troll Patrol has returned to spam our feeds. Since they rotate IPs and email, we cannot catch them all. Nonetheless, we are updating our blacklist as needed and – although not entirely in our control – we … Continue reading

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In memoriam: LottaKatz a.k.a. Pamela Janisch

It is with great sadness that I belatedly announce the death of longtime blog friend and general good person, LottaKatz a.k.a. Pamela Janisch. Born August 28, 1948 in St. Louis, Missouri, she died in her home on February 19, 2014 … Continue reading

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FFS Update: The Library

The Flowers for Socrates Library page is now open. It contains a small selection of  .pdf versions of legal documents and other materials in the public domain or under a fair use license that can help provide context and understanding … Continue reading

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FFS Update: Suggestions and Library

The following language has been added to the Suggestions page: ED. NOTE: The Suggestions Box will be cleared out every three or four months to help maintain its utility.  If the suggestion made hasn’t been followed up by someone by … Continue reading

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OJ Revisited (Introducing the FFS Guest Blogger Program)

Submitted By Blouise ED. NOTE: In Re the FFS Guest Blogger Program It is a great pleasure to announce the first publication under our Guest Blogger Program at FFS. The way this works is simple.  If you have an idea … Continue reading

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Should UNC Get The Real Death Penalty For Academic Fraud?

By Mark Esposito, FFS Contributor This coming Wednesday is a big day in the State of North Carolina. No, it’s not just the anniversary of the election of Gertrude McKee as the state’s first female state senator in 1931, but … Continue reading

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