NOTICE: Trolls

It appears the Troll Patrol has returned to spam our feeds. Since they rotate IPs and email, we cannot catch them all. Nonetheless, we are updating our blacklist as needed and – although not entirely in our control – we do apologize for thier trash cluttering the feeds. The Rules exist to give us the tools to take out the trash. So please pardon the mess while we clean house.

Gene Howington
Editor-in-Chief, Flowers for Socrates

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I write and do other stuff.
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8 Responses to NOTICE: Trolls

  1. Anonymously nYours says:

    Sorry about the demons…. I am just me…

  2. Dear Trolls,

    You seem to be under the impression you have a say in how this blog is run.

    That would be a mistaken impression.

    Feel free to be elsewhere if this presents an issue.

  3. AY,

    I know you is you here. Elsewhere, only the Shadow knows. MuahahahaMUAHAHAHA!

  4. Dear Trolls,

    Stop you? Why would we want to do that? Stopping you has never been the shape of victory. That you exist at all is a sign of success. Thanks for continuing to drive up our numbers though. Makes us look better for SEO.

  5. Ima Troll says:

    Nobody will play with me.

  6. bron98 says:

    , Control your inner troll

  7. ragnarsbhut says:

    Allow the trolls who make comments to keep commenting. Their comments are entertaining to read.

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