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Hillary must resist the temptation to Triangulate

By ann summers More surprising is that there is a literature going back to 2010 urging that the Democratic party move past the linear model of political triangulation as a strategic messaging option. There are serious reasons why Hillary’s triangulating her … Continue reading

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virtue signalling Trumpites don’t care if politics, like pro wrestling, is sport or entertainment

By ann summers Do voters subscribe easily to Personality Cults? And can one base entire political candidacies on them as signalling and identify them by their discourse? Are they examples of pro-/con- discourse games as the Democratic candidates spar towards Philly and opportunistic mischief-makers … Continue reading

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NOTICE: Trolls

It appears the Troll Patrol has returned to spam our feeds. Since they rotate IPs and email, we cannot catch them all. Nonetheless, we are updating our blacklist as needed and – although not entirely in our control – we … Continue reading

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“Don’t You Dare Kick That Dog!” — In Defense Of Officer Wilson

By BOB STONE For the cop who paid it forward back in the summer of 1977 by taking the time to track down a 10 year-old boy’s brand-new Ross Apollo 3 speed that was stolen. I’ll never forget how he … Continue reading

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NOTICE: In re Res Ipsa Loquitur (

To all our shared audience, In the future, all complaints about either Jonathan Turley or the goings on at his site should be addressed directly to him at Yes, I am sympathetic to your plight. Yes, I understand the … Continue reading

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