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Morning Open Thread – Verbatim: Follow the Chicken

Morning Open Thread is an open discussion forum for human interest news of the day, hobby and fun things, what you did on your vacation, and your local weather phenomena. From The New York Times: In this dramatization of transcripts … Continue reading

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Plaintiffs in “Gay Conversion” Therapy Lawsuit Were Told to Blame Their Mothers for Their Homosexuality

By Elaine Magliaro David Porter of the Associated Press reported on an interesting New Jersey court case on Monday. According to Porter, four men sued Jersey City-based Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) “in 2012 under New Jersey’s consumer … Continue reading

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Stateside Indiana: Ridiculing and Speaking Out Against Bigotry

By Elaine Magliaro I’m am so happy to hear that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana “has come in for an extra heaping of scorn on social media” after signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Curtis M. Wong (Huffington Post) said that … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: Mayor of Ferguson Claims Scathing DOJ Report ‘Not Proof’ of Widespread Abuses

By Elaine Magliaro Regarding the Justice Department’s investigation of Ferguson, Missouri, which found that “there was probable cause to believe the police and court routinely violate people’s civil rights” in that community: Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III is not convinced “that widespread problems exist” despite the … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on the State of the State of Florida, Same-Sex Marriage, and some Oddball News Stories from the “Sunshine State”

By Elaine Magliaro On Tuesday night, Jon Stewart interviewed Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on The Daily Show. His lead-in to the interview with Rubio—who has sharply criticized court rulings that paved the way for same sex marriages in Florida—was … Continue reading

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OJ Revisited (Introducing the FFS Guest Blogger Program)

Submitted By Blouise ED. NOTE: In Re the FFS Guest Blogger Program It is a great pleasure to announce the first publication under our Guest Blogger Program at FFS. The way this works is simple.  If you have an idea … Continue reading

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Is the NYPD Work Slowdown a Bad Thing…Or a Good Thing?

By Elaine Magliaro On December 31, 2014, Matt Taibbi published an article at Rolling Stone titled The NYPD’s ‘Work Stoppage’ Is Surreal. The reason for the “virtual work stoppage”—or slowdown—is the anger that many NYPD officers feel toward the mayor … Continue reading

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